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Charlie Crist (and his fan) are running for Congress

Is anyone really shocked by this? Charlie Crist announced this morning that he’srunning for Congress in thenewly drawn 13th Congressional District:

Crist had tweeted earlier this year that he wouldn’t be running, however:

But the new boundaries of the FL-13 are just way too good for him to pass up:

Just don’t call him a politician. Crist prefers “public servant”:

And — of course — this means Crist’s fan is back, too:

Flashback: Crist’s fan became famous to those outside of Florida politics during the 2014 governor’s race when an argument over the use of the fan at a debate with Rick Scott blew up into #Fangate:

#FLGOV gone with the wind? #Fangate ‘was the moment [Gov. Scott] lost the election’

Or not. Scott won the election48.1 – 47.1.

Read more: http://twitchy.com/2015/10/20/tan-rested-and-ready-to-flip-flop-charlie-crist-and-his-fan-are-running-for-congress-photos/

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