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Chick-fil-A employee Rachel to liberal bully: ‘I forgive you’


When video of a liberal tolerance thug badgering a Chick-fil-A employee went viral last week, the Twitterverse celebrated her grace and composure. In an interview with Stuart Varney of Fox News, 26-year-old Rachel accepted Adam Smith’s apology and offered her forgiveness.

What a classy lady! Twitchy fully endorses this suggestion.

Can we turn Rachel's @chickfila attitude into a verb? Disarming the lefty haters with kindness = "You got Racheled" http://t.co/DqoXbBh9

— C. Strauss (@TheCarlStrauss) August 8, 2012

The Twitterverse has a fever and the only cure is more Rachel!


Class act—>Rachel, The Bullied Chick-Fil-A Worker in Adam Smith Video (FULL INTERVI…: http://t.co/q7PxzExS via #sgp

— Tami Nantz (@TamiNantz) August 8, 2012

I wish I had Rachel's composure! Chick-fil-A worker berated on video wants to meet with bully | Fox News http://t.co/piO7tR03 via @foxnews

— jenmo24 (@jenmo24) August 8, 2012

the chick-fil-a girl is so poised. love her… http://t.co/G2YDdu6A

— Ryan (@alwaysonoffense) August 8, 2012

Rachel continues to act with more grace than Adam Smith will EVER have. http://t.co/Rb7aRUjH

— Tom Allen (@Guitartom47) August 8, 2012

Indeed. Rachel even hopes to meet with her bully, who lost his job after flaunting his unhinged douchebaggery on YouTube.

Arizona Chick-fil-A worker berated on viral video wants to meet with bully | Fox News http://t.co/3KD6Oard via @foxnews

— Anna (@anna12061) August 8, 2012

She told Fox News:

I want to see if he was sincere and let him know why I handled it the way I did and not take legal action, which a lot of people told me I should do.

Read more: http://twitchy.com/2012/08/08/class-act-chick-fil-a-employee-rachel-tells-liberal-bully-i-forgive-you/

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