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Chilling tweets from reported account of bombing suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev


As Twitchy reported earlier, fake accounts for Boston bombing suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev have been popping up on Twitter today.

CNN is reporting that the @J_tsar Twitter account belongs to Tsarnaev. One of Tsarnaev’s high school classmates told BuzzFeed that it is the suspect’s Twitter account.

CONFIRMED: @j_tsar Is Dzhokhar Tsarnaev’s Actual Twitter Account buzzfeed.com/ryanhatesthis/…

— Ryan Broderick (@ryanpbroderick) April 19, 2013

He calls himself “Jahar” and his Twitter bio is just “Salam aleikum.”


1,099 tweets have been sent from the account and he follows 108 people.

This Twitter user is followed by the @J_tsar account and says the account is legit.

@tiarranorcross @j_tsar That is indeed his twitter.

— mac (@ChinksMcGee) April 19, 2013

Says he knew suspect, confirms @j_tsar is the acct- RT @chinksmcgee: My parents gonna go crazy when I tell them I lived with him lol

— Dianne Gallagher (@DianneG) April 19, 2013

He calls himself “Dzhokhar” in one tweet:

tat my name on you girl so i know it’s real oh and make sure to spell it right, its spelled Dzhokhar

— Jahar (@J_tsar) May 6, 2012

The Twitterverse is busy digging into the tweets.

I just called the phone # on Tsarnaev’s Twitter account: “The person you are trying to reach is not accepting calls at this time.”

— Chris Moody (@Chris_Moody) April 19, 2013

Looks like @j_tsar is legit. Found him conversing with a guy last year who now’s tweeting that he knows the bomber. Also Dartmouth refs.

— Andy Carvin (@acarvin) April 19, 2013

Two days ago, @j_tsar acct had 120 followers. Now, a bit more than that: 17k and counting.

— Andy Carvin (@acarvin) April 19, 2013

In response to this tweet about the Boston Marathon bombing …

This deserves endless retweets. twitter.com/ImRealTed/stat…

— Ted (@ImRealTed) April 16, 2013

He tweeted this:

@imrealted fake story

— Jahar (@J_tsar) April 16, 2013

The most recent activity on the account was a retweet of this tweet:

Attitude can take away your beauty no matter how good looking you are or it could enhance your beauty, making you adorable.

— Mufti Ismail Menk (@muftimenk) April 17, 2013

This was his most recent original tweet:

I’m a stress free kind of guy

— Jahar (@J_tsar) April 17, 2013

And these tweets were all sent after the Boston bombing:

Ain’t no love in the heart of the city, stay safe people

— Jahar (@J_tsar) April 16, 2013

@mellochamp what’s new with them?

— Jahar (@J_tsar) April 16, 2013

@mellochamp and they what “god hates dead people?” Or victims of tragedies? Lol those people are cooked

— Jahar (@J_tsar) April 16, 2013

@mellochamp *say

— Jahar (@J_tsar) April 16, 2013

There are people that know the truth but stay silent & there are people that speak the truth but we don’t hear them cuz they’re the minority

— Jahar (@J_tsar) April 16, 2013

@therealabdul_ you need to get Claritin clear

— Jahar (@J_tsar) April 16, 2013

@therealabdul_ #heavy I’ve been looking for those, there is a shortage on the black market if you wanna make a quick buck, nuff said..

— Jahar (@J_tsar) April 16, 2013

So then I says to him, I says, relax bro my beard is not loaded

— Jahar (@J_tsar) April 16, 2013

Nowadays everybody wanna talk like they got somethin to say but nothin comes out when they move their lips; just a bunch of gibberish

— Jahar (@J_tsar) April 17, 2013

A sampling of his other tweets:

Being bilingual is da bomb

— Jahar (@J_tsar) March 26, 2013

If you have the knowledge and the inspiration all that’s left is to take action

— Jahar (@J_tsar) April 8, 2013

Most of you are conditioned by the media

— Jahar (@J_tsar) April 11, 2013

some people are just misunderstood by the world thus the increase of suicide rates

— Jahar (@J_tsar) January 17, 2012

I don’t argue with fools who say islam is terrorism it’s not worth a thing, let an idiot remain an idiot

— Jahar (@J_tsar) January 16, 2013

back to the home land this summer word

— Jahar (@J_tsar) March 22, 2012

a decade in america already, i want out

— Jahar (@J_tsar) March 14, 2012

Last May he tweeted, “saving lives brings me joy.”

i didn’t become a lifeguard to just chill and get paid, i do it for the people, saving lives brings me joy #lifeguardoftheyear

— Jahar (@J_tsar) May 29, 2012

He also appears to be a 9/11 truther.

RT @freebeacon: RT @jonhenke: Alleged bomber seems to have been a 9/11 Truther –> bit.ly/14Cf7ov

— Lachlan Markay (@lachlan) April 19, 2013

Idk why it’s hard for many of you to accept that 9/11 was an inside job, I mean I guess fuck the facts y’all are some real #patriots #gethip

— Jahar (@J_tsar) September 2, 2012

Ten days before he naturalized. RT @jonhenke: Alleged bomber seems to have been a 9/11 Truther –> twitter.com/JonHenke/statu…

— Gabriel Malor (@gabrielmalor) April 19, 2013

Another tweet about Sept. 11:

“September 10th baby, you know what tomorrow is. Party at my house!” #thingsyoudontyellwhenenteringaroom

— Jahar (@J_tsar) March 14, 2013


Does suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev appear in these images tweeted from the account?

Place your bets twitter.com/J_tsar/status/…

— Jahar (@J_tsar) March 16, 2013

We postin’ twitter.com/J_tsar/status/…

— Jahar (@J_tsar) March 16, 2013


Via BroBible, the person in the photo that accompanies this tweet appears to be wearing Cambridge shorts.


In another tweet, he mentions Cambridge.

Cambridge got some real, genuinely good people but at the same time this city can be fake as fuck just like any other town #upholdthereal

— Jahar (@J_tsar) January 16, 2013

Editor’s note: This post has been updated with additional tweets.


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