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Chinese boy sells kidney to buy an iPad


there's clearly a bad joke hiding in this story http://t.co/TJNwvWpB about how #apple *is* killing Chinese over #iPad / #iPhones after all

— Steve Bohlen (@sbohlen) April 6, 2012

How far would you go to get your hands on a fancy new iPad?

From The Telegraph:

The 17-year-old boy, identified only by his surname Wang, was approached in an online chatroom and paid 22,000 yuan (£2,200) for his kidney to be used in an illegal transplant operation, the Xinhua News Agency said.

The teen now suffers from renal deficiency and his health is deteriorating, according to prosecutors in Chenzhou city, Hunan province.

Five people from southern China have been charged with intentional injury and illegal organ trading, including the surgeon who removed the boy’s kidney in April 2011.

According to the Xinhua, one of the accused was paid 220,000 yuan (£22,000) to arrange the transplant. He paid the boy 22,000 yuan (£2,200) and shared the remaining profit with the surgeon, the three other defendants and other medical staff.

I love my #ipad, but to give my kidney for it is a bit drastic. Crazy ass chinese!

— Martin Shanti (@martinshanti) April 6, 2012

Someone sold a kidney for an iPhone and iPad? WTF is wrong with people o_0. Driven by materialism…

— bianca♒♎♓ (@the_en1gma) April 6, 2012

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