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Columbia protesters declare ‘Frisbee’ as the new ‘definition of privilege’

Is Columbia University in NYC the next college to experience a wave of protests and walk-outs?

Maybe so. This is what a speaker reportedly said on Thursday during a rally in solidarity with students at Missouri and Yale:


The Frisbee playing students quickly left the lawn after getting called out. From the New York Post:

Hundreds of Columbia students gathered at the South Lawn Thursday, and some speakers heckled bystanders who did not participate.

Look at those guys playing Frisbee that is the definition of privilege, said one speaker.

The students stopped playing Frisbee and left the area.

Also reported at the rally, a chant that included lines of “I love black people who steal” and “I love black criminals”:

Read more: http://twitchy.com/2015/11/15/columbia-univ-protesters-declare-frisbee-as-the-new-definition-of-privilege/

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