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Community Post: 10 Reasons Finn And Jake From “Adventure Time” Are Body Image Role Models

What time is it? Confidence time!

We all know that Finn and Jake are awesomely righteous bros.

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But did you know they’re also really great at promoting confidence about body image?

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I know! Crazy!

1. Jake thinks you’re perfect just the way you are.

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Forget those body issues, just be proud of who you are!

2. And Finn highlights the stuff that actually matters.

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Looks fade. But you’re kick-butt personality won’t.

3. It’s OK for you to love your body exactly how it is.

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Love yourself, no matter how you look.

4. No one should judge you for how much you eat.

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Who doesn’t always have room for ice cream?

5. And sometimes, you really need to indulge.

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We all live for cheat days, right?

6. Because we usually get a little too caught up with vanity.

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7. It’s OK to not workout sometimes.

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We all need a break every once in a while. Recovery days are just as important.

8. Don’t crash diet, no matter what.

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Who cares if everyone else is going on some crazy “cleanse?” It doesn’t mean you should too.

9. Only you can prioritize your life, not someone else.

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So if you love food more than people, that’s totally OK.

10. Adventurers eat smart. You should too.

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Go eat a snack. And take a nap. You deserve it.

So go love yourself, because you’re perfect just how you are.

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