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Community Post: 16 Nail Polish Colours To Guide Your College Experience

Let your ‘tips do the talking

1. Bond With Whomever (Essie)

Type A Films / Marc Platt Productions / tumblr.com


“Whomever” is the person who takes the best notes in class, let this polish be your reminder.

2. Down To My Last Penny (OPI)

Apatow Productions / Relativity Media / wifflegif.com


A copper tone that flaunts your ability to do so much with so little.

3. Sparkling Garbage (Orly)


A shimmering pastel jade that describes how you will look going to class by the end of the semester.

4. Overexposed in South Beach (OPI)

Muse Productions / Annapurna Pictures / Radar Productions / jmuwomensstudentcaucus.wordpress.com


A bold purple that speaks volumes about your impending spring break.

5. All Nighter (Pure Ice)


Let this ruby polish remind you that zzz’s don’t get degrees.

6. Tribal Tattoo (Sephora)

The Hurwitz Company / media.thedailytouch.com


A muted green hue that says “I will regret the image permanently etched on to my lower back for decades to come.”

7. I Don’t do Dishes! (OPI)

20th Century Fox Television / now-here-this.timeout.com


A shimmering crimson that tells your roommates everything they don’t want to hear.

8. Bouncer, It’s Me (Essie)

NBCUniversal Television Studio / tumblr.com


An encouraging blue hue that reminds you to feign importance when you forget your ID at home.

9. Let Them Eat Rice Cakes (OPI)


The perfect nude shade that reads “rice cakes are the only food I can afford with my student budget.”

10. Party Bruise (Floss Gloss)


Accentuate your battle wounds from Friday night with this almost-black polish.

11. I’m Not Really a Waitress (OPI)

Bright/Kauffman/Crane Productions Warner Bros. Television / i.imgur.com


A ravishing red that screams “I’m lying to you about my employment, but one day I’ll have a promising career. Maybe. Possibly.”

12. Haven’t the Foggiest (OPI)


Finally, a shade that expresses all your sentiments during exam season.

13. Met on the Internet (OPI)

20th Century Fox Television / media.giphy.com


An in-your-face fuchsia that will have you singing “It’s goin’ down, I’m yellin’ Tinder.”

14. Rent (OPI)


A dark pearlescent polish that asks “Is wearing the colour the same as paying the bills?”

15. Don’t Tell Mama (Deborah Lippmann)

Castle Rock Entertainment / wordpress.com


A forest green that reminds you, what happens at college stays at college.

16. Today I Accomplished Zero (OPI)

ABC Studios / teen.com


An accurate description of your study habits all in one bottle.

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