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Community Post: Are You More Anna Kendrick Or Kendrick Lamar?

Because everyone has a little Kendrick in them.

    1. General Mills / Via fandbnews.com

      Lucky Charms

    2. General Mills / Via oklahomafarmreport.com

      Honey Nut Cheerios

    1. East coast
    2. West coast

    1. Color Force / Via invisiblechildren.com

      The Hunger Games

    2. Temple Hill Entertainment / Via imageserver.moviepilot.com


    1. Taco Bell

    2. McDonald’s

    1. Blue

    2. Green

    1. Jag Gundu / Getty

      Jennifer Aniston

    2. Stuart C. Wilson / Getty

      Jennifer Lawrence

    1. Puppies

    2. Kittens

Are You More Anna Kendrick Or Kendrick Lamar?

  1. You got: Anna Kendrick

    You embody the phrase, “good things come in small packages.” Your versatility can be seen in your intellect, acting ability, and singing ability. Everyone wants to hang out with you but you maintain a humble and courteous attitude.

    Jason Merritt / Getty
  2. You got: Kendrick Lamar

    You’re witty, innovative, and a storyteller to boot. Your relaxed demeanor put all around you at ease. Your grind and dedication to your work pays off at the end of the day. Bask in your greatness.

    Kevin Winter / Getty

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