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Congressional stenographer kicked off House floor [audio, video, Vine]!/unicatfan/status/390663104558014464!/GOPfashionista/status/390662559839166464

Wow, things are heated on Capitol Hill. A woman was apparently escorted off the House floor after a yelling meltdown. Who was it? According to several journos, it was a House stenographer.!/mikememoli/status/390663390814666752!/toddzwillich/status/390663187282264064

Twitchy will monitor and update with any new details and developments.!/gallifreyan/status/390663819187351552

Oh, dear. Ranting about “free masons.”!/jbendery/status/390665075066814464!/MattLaslo/status/390665994437668864

While some reporters have named the meltdown star as “Diane Reidy,” at least one journo says her name is “Holly.”!/KateNocera/status/390664418197262336

Here’s audio:!/weeddude/status/390666245667684352

Here’s a Vine:!/PatrickTerpstra/status/390664782392885248

More video via C-SPAN:!/cspanJeremy/status/390669636590501888

Attention, unemployed stenographers.!/SteveKandell/status/390665754351521792



Fox News, NBC News and ABC News have identified the stenographer as Dianne Reidy.

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