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‘Conservative beauty with weapons training?’ Stacey Dash hits the range


Actress and Fox News contributor Stacey Dash enjoyed some time at the shooting range this week with Fox journalist/columnist Hollie McKay and world champion shooter Taran Butler. From the video, Dash looks like a pretty good shot.

Thanks so much to @foxnews @HollieSMcKay for inviting me to shoot some guns with her #2A https://t.co/oAHAqdSomn

— Stacey Dash (@REALStaceyDash) October 7, 2014

@REALStaceyDash @FoxNews @HollieSMcKay guns!!!!!! we need more of those!

— Casey W. (@Mix_walker) October 7, 2014

@REALStaceyDash @FoxNews @HollieSMcKay A great job Stacey 😉

— Robert B (@SgtRock2u2000) October 7, 2014

@REALStaceyDash Awesome! Very cool.

— Nick (@REALNickVenti) October 7, 2014

@REALStaceyDash @FoxNews @HollieSMcKay Hahaha, love this! And I thought you couldn't get any hotter 😛 <3

— Andrew Gerard Jones (@the_raven75) October 7, 2014

@REALStaceyDash @FoxNews @HollieSMcKay # Sharp shooter.,smart and good looking sounds like a trifecta 😉

— Paul Morales (@pjmorales5445) October 7, 2014

@REALStaceyDash @FoxNews @HollieSMcKay Conservative beauty with weapons training? Take that any day of the week! Well done Stacey!

— William Young (@CaliCard1) October 7, 2014

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