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Cory Booker tells corny Christmas joke; Twitter groans


Twitter enjoyed poking a little fun right back at the Mayor:

@corybooker This undoes all the good things you’ve ever done.

— rob delaney (@robdelaney) December 25, 2012

@corybooker *groan*

— Chloé (@ChloDubs) December 25, 2012

@corybooker Delete!Delete!Delete!This will hold against you forever and you’ll have to take it to your grave.#goodhumor

— RhysTay (@iRhysTay) December 25, 2012

@corybooker A brilliant career thrown out the window in 140 characters or fewer. 🙂

— Michelle Martinez (@Rrreeeeeddd) December 25, 2012

With jokes like that I see why Cory Booker is single.

— John S. Wilson (@JohnWilson) December 25, 2012

@corybooker hahaha! That is so bad it’s laugh out loud funny:)

— Daria (@LifeofDaria) December 25, 2012

@corybooker you might get coal in your stockings next year for that joke, Senat…I mean Mayor.

— Jose F. Batista (@jfbatista) December 25, 2012

@corybooker Boooo lol

— Marquita Love (@MarquitaLove) December 25, 2012

@corybooker terrible…pls don’t quite your day job.. But, Merry XMas Mr Mayor! #1Luv

— Bart Schmidt (@bart_schmidt) December 25, 2012

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