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Country Twitter spat of the week: Lauren Alaina vs. (?)


@ColtonHasMyVote hey can you tell me what this drama between Carrie underwood and Lauren Alaina is? I see it everywhere!!

— Brittney (@HugeHollieJCFan) June 12, 2012

@Lauren_Alaina going all Carrie Underwood on us.. #beforehecheats ?

— Caroline Thomas (@Carofine_Thomas) June 12, 2012

One country diva, an unnamed female rival, and Carrie Underwood’s groupies all went wild on Twitter late last night. Fans were still trying to catch up on the fisticuffs this afternoon. Apparently, it was over a boy.

Here’s what Alaina started tweeting in the wee hours:




Awe why did you delete your tweets? I was just getting started. Quit while youre (kinda) ahead. I get it (; #gameover

— Lauren Alaina (@Lauren_Alaina) June 12, 2012

Okay y'all I'm done with the tweets I just got upset. I'm a teenage girl we have drama unfortunately. Let's have a twitter party! (:

— Lauren Alaina (@Lauren_Alaina) June 12, 2012

I'm going to sleep. We will have another twitter party soon. Night love y'all!(:

— Lauren Alaina (@Lauren_Alaina) June 12, 2012

Carrie Underwood, of course, is married. But many Twitter users seem to think Alaina and Underwood are the combatants.


One thing I can say is don't mess or talk bad about Carrie Underwood. You are messing with the wrong fans.

— Rachellllllllღ (@Rach_Hill91) June 12, 2012

Oh, what a tangled web. Sounds like someone’s next country hit single…

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