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Croatia beats Ireland in Euro 2012 match; Croatianise your name hits goal


Croatia played Ireland today in their first match of Euro 2012. While watching, some amused themselves with geographical snark.

RT @FSLReoch hope all r enjoying what separatists call Ireland v Croatia. By unionists it's better known as UK v Yugoslavia. #yesScot 

— A 2Machiavellian (@A2Mac) June 10, 2012

Others took quickly to the hashtag #croatianiseyourname and it is now trending.

#CroatianiseYourName omg whoever thought of this i love you okay

— hiatus rea (@ieroirwin) June 10, 2012

#CroatianiseYourName is trending worldwide 🙂 #Euro2012

— Sebastjan Artič (@vanfranco) June 10, 2012

There is a first time for everything and Croatians take to it proudly.

#CroatianiseYourName is trending? I love my country.

— Alen Delic (@sjena444) June 10, 2012

#CroatianiseYourName is trending! makes me so proud…

— Roko Miocic (@rokomiocic) June 10, 2012

That proud moment when #CroatianiseYourName is trending and you're CROATIAN!!!! ♥

— mia ♡ (@LittleBubbleCat) June 10, 2012

Here are a few “Croatinised” names.

#CroatianiseYourName Louski Howardic

— Louis Howard (@LouisHoward_) June 10, 2012


#CroatianiseYourName jackivich boltuvatić

— Jack (@JackBolton18) June 10, 2012

Best name ever?

#CroatianiseYourName I'm Croatian and my name is Petra Vukovic and "ic" on end of ur surname doesn make it Croatian. Silly people:D

— Niall's irish balls♥ (@petra_vukovic) June 10, 2012

Buzz kill!

Croatia won the match!

Croatia finish off the Irish 3-1. Lots to talk about after that one. We'll do so on the #Whitecapsfc prematch show. #Euro2012

— Tyler Green (@tylergreenFC) June 10, 2012

Kudos, Croatia! A win and a first time trending topic all in one day.

This business cleverly joins in on the hashtag action to pimp its services.

First step #CroatianiseYourName, Second step: Book your summer vacation in Dubrovnik, Croatia, Third step: Book our taxi service 😀

— Dubrovnik Taxi (@Dubrovnik_Taxi) June 10, 2012


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