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Daily emetic: Hillary Clinton’s latest ‘faith’ claim is flabbergasting!/dpinsen/status/477946105272229888

LULZ, indeed. You thought a pro-Hillary group focused on faith was bad? Oh, just wait. Check out the latest installment of “Hillary Clinton is beyond shameless.”!/Faith4Hillary/status/477926520863064067

That’s right. Hillary Clinton actually claimed that in a recent interview. With what we can only assume was a straight face!

@Faith4Hillary is swoonily tweeting it out, but citizens aren’t buying it. Gee, we wonder why?!/MDalmore/status/478039579359215616!/S1776frdm/status/477939895625728000!/SarahPalinLinks/status/478005861252882433!/HeyTammyBruce/status/478043075961683968!/jcjones717/status/478015672887558145


And an exit suggestion for Hillary the Shameless:!/jcjones717/status/478014843707207680


‘For the love of God no!’ Is this pro-Hillary Clinton bumper sticker the most hurl-worthy yet? [pic]

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