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David Frum on moment of silence for Newtown: ‘Less silence, more action’


Never let the anniversary of a tragedy go to waste. A moment of silence for victims of the Newtown shooting? Pfft. David Frum would rather have less silence, more gun-grabbin’ action.

Of course, as we’ve seen more than once, there is no Frum. There is only ghoul.

Talking Points Memo editor Josh Marshall also politicized the one-year anniversary of the deadly shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School: It’s about “mourning our shameful national inability to act.”


Organizing for Action couldn’t have said it better.

Daily Kos contributing editor Greg Dworkin thinks Newtown should be allowed politics-free mourning … for at least an hour.



Newtown signs tell press: ‘No media,’ ‘Vulture media … please leave’ [pics]

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