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Dennis Roman takes credit for starting dictator-visiting trend

Would it matter if we told Dennis Rodman that he’s hardly the first American celebrity to buddy up with a foreign dictator? Besides, Jay and Bey didn’t actually meet with Castro.

@dennisrodman: I started a trend. Everybody's visiting dictators now! Did Beyoncé, Jay-Z pull a Rodman?" so much idiocy, just no please.

— Morgan Nelson (@morganjosephina) April 10, 2013

Did he just troll himself? RT @dennisrodman: I started a trend. Did Beyoncé, Jay-Z pull a Rodman? http://t.co/bRo4fDPBiG

— justin (@justinPHX) April 10, 2013

.@politico just retweeted @dennisrodman who had linked to an article about Beyonce and Jay-Z taking a US approved trip to Cuba. Yep.

— Jon Chou (@schnorful) April 10, 2013

@emokidsloveme @dennisrodman I don't think they get credit for pulling a "Rodman" unless Cuba threatens to attack Florida.

— Will (@Sand2Stone) April 10, 2013

@dennisrodman @politico Pretty sure Sean Penn beat you to the trend. Maybe you guys could pool your resources, grab Obama & relocate.

— Stacey Cripe (@StaceyCripe) April 10, 2013

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