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Desperate libs freak over Romney’s swoon-worthy ‘I love Ann’ pic


Well, that oughta put a dent in the “Romney is a heartless monster” lapdoggery pushed by the liberal press.

Time dug up this achived photo of a young lovesick Mitt wooing future wife Ann. And woo he did:

[A]round 1968, while serving as a Mormon missionary in France, a young Mitt made several photographs with the help of his LDS friends. He described how the photo was taken,  explaining that it was playfully staged for his high school girlfriend and soon-to-be wife, Ann Davies. Romney revealed that the photo is actually one of a series made during his time abroad.

Hey, girl. It’s Mitt.

And this photo (from 1968) is why more married woman love Mitt Romney…his devotion to his wife and boys. pic.twitter.com/qjEZMfgo

— jclardy (@jclardy) September 27, 2012

I just starting loving Mitt just a bit more. Men…learn from him. This is fantastic http://t.co/KZ8Ogg2p via @jdickerson

— Kathleen McKinley (@KatMcKinley) September 27, 2012

Photo from 1968 of Mitt wooing Ann. So sweet!!! The photos that fueled young Romney romance http://t.co/UUsbmCws via @TIMEPictures #teaparty

— ABOwarrior (@ABOwarrior) September 27, 2012

In case you missed it. Whether Mitt wins or not, one thing is certain. Ann Romney won the man lottery. http://t.co/KZ8Ogg2p #tcot

— Kathleen McKinley (@KatMcKinley) September 27, 2012


Just a great picture on so many levels. "The photos that fueled a young Romney romance" http://t.co/U4gqTW5X.

— John A Gans Jr (@johngansjr) September 27, 2012

The picture every girl wishes they would get. This from #Mitt to #Ann. http://t.co/nQVXBU5X Enjoy @nettyvinny @Taylie_Elkow @Shmaggss

— Ethan Hollenberger (@EHollenberger) September 27, 2012

A photo so meme-worthy BuzzFeed couldn’t resist posting a “Send Your Own Mitt Romney Love Note” generator:

SO CUTE! –> Send Your Own Mitt Romney Love Note http://t.co/gleNiZsD via @buzzfeed

— Ruby Cramer (@rubycramer) September 27, 2012

But never mind the heartwarming, romantic “awwww” factor. Romney was clearly a total creepster, according to this HuffPo editor.

Surprised Ann Romney didn't file for a restraining order when she saw that "I LOVE ANN" photo.

— Mike Hogan (@mike_hogan) September 27, 2012

Aw, did Time interrupt your frantic preparations to visit the “it tasted like chocolate” plaque where the Obamas shared their first kiss?

The desperate attempt to spin the adorable photo as a mark against Romney continues with typical Mormon bashing and rehashing of the failed “draft dodger” attack:

Mitt Romney was a mormon missionary in France, but it's ok cause he had a cheesy romantic side (photo included) http://t.co/0bR0TETM

— Hana Zuhair (@Hana_Zuhair) September 27, 2012

I just threw up in my mouth a little bit. http://t.co/8azYVt1R

— David Pleasant (@dpleasant) September 27, 2012


Romney as a human: http://t.co/18Ni8hnK

— Adani Sanchez (@adanisan) September 27, 2012

You know that "I Love Ann" photo of Romney on the beach in France? That was taken while he was dodging the draft.

— Jonathan Jewel (@JonathanJewel) September 27, 2012

@time you mean the I love Ann picture was photographed when Romney was dodging the war. NOT [email protected]

— FAYE (@kuteypie2u) September 27, 2012

Romney decides to try to appear to have a functioning human heart, releases record of his sexts to Time Magazine: http://t.co/dQo3n6ML

— Danny Gold (@DGisSERIOUS) September 27, 2012

You know Mittens is getting desperate when he releases a pic as personal as this to the press: http://t.co/v4HwpxNI

— Larry Smith (@LarryAdamSmith) September 27, 2012

Um, no. What part of “we found a surprising photo in the archive” confuses you?

We found a surprising photo in the archive — a photograph that illustrates Mitt Romney's other mission: romance | http://t.co/K6JFYjeI

— TIME.com (@TIME) September 27, 2012

Reading is hard. And so is realizing

Read more: http://twitchy.com/2012/09/27/time-publishes-romneys-swoon-worthy-i-love-ann-pic-desperate-libs-attack/

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