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Despite leaning hard on rank-and-file, Boehner fails to pass ‘Plan B’


We are seeing multiple reports on Twitter that House Speaker John Boehner’s so-called “Plan B” is dead, at least for now. The proposal, which was under consideration in the House this evening, would have extended tax cuts on annual income up to $1 million.

I am told the GOP leadership in the House is now threatening members with losing their committee posts if they do… fb.me/1sdqDMSnu

— Mark R. Levin (@marklevinshow) December 21, 2012

Earlier this evening, radio host Mark Levin said he heard that House GOP leaders attempted to strongarm Republican backbenchers into supporting the proposal. Here’s Levin’s post, from his Facebook page:

I am told the GOP leadership in the House is now threatening members with losing their committee posts if they do not vote for the Boehner tax increase.

If true, GOP leaders put their fellow Republicans, many of whom have pledged never to raise taxes, in an impossible spot. Either support Boehner’s plan, which most conservatives regard as a tax increase, or be stripped of power. Bear in mind that this pressure was being brought to bear on behalf of a bill that has virtually no chance of becoming law.

After a recess and some behind-closed-doors wrangling, the vote has been pulled and representatives are headed home for the holidays.

Holy wow. Gop source tell me house gop leaders pulling the plan b bill. Votes not there. Devastating news for boehner

— Dana Bash (@DanaBashCNN) December 21, 2012

Rep. Peter King (R-NY) tells me House #GOP Leadership says members will now go home for Christmas. Leaving DC tomorrow.

— Luke Russert (@LukeRussert) December 21, 2012

House will adjourn until next week. #CNN #BREAKING

— sgallman (@sgallman) December 21, 2012

Congress breaks down: House is out until after Christmas, Senate not voting until Fri afternoon and may punt Sandy supp until after XMas.

— Dan Friedman (@dfriedman33) December 21, 2012

Political defeat tonight for Speaker Boehner who pulls “Plan B” because “it did not have sufficient support from our members to pass.”

— Mark Knoller (@markknoller) December 21, 2012

That’s about as big a meltdown as I’ve seen since the ’08 bailout vote went down the first time.

— Marty Kady (@mkady) December 21, 2012

Boehner speakership is facing its Mayan moment. No Capitol reporter I talked to has EVER seen anything like what just went down

— Erik Wasson (@elwasson) December 21, 2012

So Boehner can’t even deliver the GOP caucus. Maybe because he’s behaved as a “D,” willing to raise taxes n’ stuff.

— Monica Crowley (@MonicaCrowley) December 21, 2012

VICTORY for now. House goes home.

— Erick Erickson (@EWErickson) December 21, 2012

Bill opposed by the Club for Growth, the White House, the majority of the US senate, the AFL-CIO, RedState and FreedomWorks fails.

— Byron Tau (@ByronTau) December 21, 2012

Beyond embarrassing Boehner, the failure of Plan B has no effect on cliff talks. It’s a process thing people will forget in a month.

— Dan Friedman (@dfriedman33) December 21, 2012

We’ll see. For now, the stock market is weighing in on the news by dropping sharply.


— Business Insider (@businessinsider) December 21, 2012

Mini Dow -250 right now, low print was -304

— Joe Terranova (@terranovajoe) December 21, 2012


National Review’s Robert Costa deserves some sort of recognition for managing to compress the night’s events into just one tweet.

So: House votes on sequester replacement. Close vote. Recess called. More whipping on B. Whipping failed. Conf mtg called. Everyone leaves.

— Robert Costa (@robertcostaNRO) December 21, 2012


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