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Down twinkles: Occupy National Gathering gets harsh reviews


The five-day Occupy National Gathering slackfest in Philadelphia ended yesterday(ish). And now, conservatives who watched the #NatGat hashtag closely are ready to sum up the drum circles, arrests, “visioning” and befouling of bank lobbies in just five words.

#NatGatInFiveWords Wishful Thinking is Political Science!! #NatGat

— el Sooper (@SooperMexican) July 5, 2012

#NatGatInFiveWords: Ingratitude as an art form.

— ConservativeLA (@ConservativeLA) July 4, 2012

#NatGatInFiveWords This is just like Vietnam!

— Tanner (@Brumbarger) July 5, 2012

#NatGatInFiveWords SIRI Says we're all oppressed #NatGat

— ✩Brooke✩™ (@_Brooke_42) July 5, 2012

#NatGatInFiveWords Loathe Patriarchy, Adore Governmental Paternalism #NatGat #Occupy #TCOT

— Agha Memnun (@Agha_Memnun) July 5, 2012

#NatGatInFiveWords subsidize me, you capitalist pig.

— Shaka Dwayne (@ShakaDwayne) July 5, 2012


#NatGatInFiveWords I can has your stuff? #NatGat

— DavidC99 (@DvdC99) July 5, 2012

Two Occupiers didn’t appreciate the hashtag and tried to push back.

#NatGatInFiveWords Birth of something beautiful.

— chibi_akutenshi (@chibi_akutenshi) July 5, 2012

#NatGatInFiveWords This is dumb/not funny.

— chibi_akutenshi (@chibi_akutenshi) July 5, 2012

#NatGatInFiveWords You don't have a life.

— chibi_akutenshi (@chibi_akutenshi) July 5, 2012

#NatGatInFiveWords Thanks for the cool hashtag. #natgat #ows

— Heather Dooley (@Campfire30) July 5, 2012

#NatGatInFiveWords Get money out of politics #natgat #ows

— Heather Dooley (@Campfire30) July 5, 2012

Bless their precious hearts.

The Occupy National Gathering couldn’t even hold on to its official hashtag. Did they really think they could occupy one launched by conservatives?

#NatGatInFiveWords Who stole our twitter hashtags?#natgat

— Liars Never Win (@liars_never_win) July 5, 2012

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