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Eva Longoria making robo-calls for Obama; tired voters hang up


Eva Longoria (@evalongoria) just called me and asked me to vote for #Obama. Now there’s a #Gamechanger

— CelebrityStyleGuide (@CelebStyleGuide) November 5, 2012

The celebrity-in-chief’s campaign has officially jumped the shark. Hollywood Girls’ Club for Obama team cheerleader Eva Longoria is making robo-calls for the Lady Parts’ birth control supplier. Longoria also apparently made robo-calls for a gambling measure in Maryland.

Social media is exploding with reports from annoyed, bemused, and jaded voters across the country.

OMG Eva Longoria just called me. She kept talking about the election and not my book. Awkward. #robocall #whonext?

— Melissa Laughing (@melissalaughing) November 5, 2012

Anyone get a robocall from Eva longoria asking for expanded gambling in Maryland?

— CallaChamp1 (@CallaChamp1) November 3, 2012

@evalongoria called me up and urged me to vote FOR Question 6 in Maryland. She will be pleased to know she won the day and I voted today!

— Tyler C. Patton (@TylerCPatton) November 1, 2012

“Eva Longoria just called me.” Overheard in the newsroom. #election

— Chris Shepherd (@ChrisShepherd) November 5, 2012

Eva Longoria just called me

— Rocks, Courtney (@CourtAndretti) November 5, 2012

“@haitian_rhum101: Sooo Eva Longoria Just “Called” Me Telling Me To Vote For Obama. . .lol #OBAMA2012**”Beyonce called me too lmaoo

— Sexy_Tesh (@Teshna92) November 5, 2012

Eva Longoria just called to tell us where our polling location is.

— Megan (@ivyadrena) November 5, 2012

Eva Longoria just called! I asked her out and I think she wants to meet at the American Legion tomorrow sometime between 7 a.m. and 7 p.m.

— Ben Montgomery (@gangrey) November 5, 2012

A lady called my house saying she was Eva Longoria and told me to vote for Obama.

— diana (@diana_g18) November 5, 2012

A random phone number called me and said she was Eva Longoria and that I should vote for Obama.

— Alexa Castellanos (@alexacastella) November 5, 2012

Guys. Eva Longoria and Bill Clinton have called me today. We’re all totes bffffs. #miniceleb

— Shelby (@shelbychelvy) November 5, 2012

The other day, Michelle Obama called me, and today, it was Eva Longoria. My new celebrity best friends.

— Karen Wilson (@akakarenwilson) November 5, 2012

Eva Longoria just called my grandmother house… 

— Emily  (@emilythedolphin) November 5, 2012

Wearing out their welcome:

Eva Longoria just called me… That doesn’t happen every day. O wait she’s called me for about a month straight now. So I hung up on her.

— Katie Sura (@SuraKatie) November 5, 2012

quest love, eva longoria, and michelle obama callin me asking to vote her barack….i hung up on they ass so quick lmfao

— ♛DezzCrane♛ (@_FOLLOWDEZZNUTZ) November 5, 2012

In the last 2 days, @barackobama direct messaged me and Eva Longoria called my house. Guys, I voted a month ago.

— Katie Uryga (@katieuryga) November 5, 2012

So Eva Longoria apparenty just called and left a voicemail asking the people in my house to vote for Obama #um #no

— Génesis(@_GGenesis) November 5, 2012

Eva Longoria just called me and asked me to vote for Obama #ThankYouButNoThankYou

— Landon Simmons(@LetsGoLan_Doe) November 5, 2012

NO lie!!! EVA Longoria just personally called our house & asked my mom to vote for Obama. Desperate Election Tactics. Sad & just annoying.

— amberwhetstone (@amberwhetstone) November 5, 2012

Eva Longoria called! OMG. Let this end.

— Jonna (@jonniker) November 5, 2012


Eva longoria called me, I hung up

— Damaged (@DymundPrynsess) November 5, 2012

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