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Everyone Ignored This Paralyzed Pup, But One Woman Decided To Save Him

In June 2014, Canadian model Meagan Penman took a trip to Thailand.

She expected to spend the vacation soaking up the sun with her toes in the sand, but what she found on the beach changed her plans. It was a sight that instantly broke her heart, but what stunned her more was the fact that no one stopped to help.

Much to her surprise, a paralyzed dog was living on the shore, slowly dragging himself from place to place to scavenge for food.

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No one had taken the time to help the poor thing.

Penman knew she couldn’t leave the animal to suffer. She decided to take him to a local vet for treatment.

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Once there, he got a much-needed bath. Penman couldn’t help herself — she was already falling in love with the little guy and calling him “Leo.”

Leo also got an x-ray, which confirmed what they’d expected. His spine was broken, and he would probably never use his back legs again. The theory was that he’d most likely been hit by a car or motorcycle.

However, with just a little bit of love and affection, Leo was already a much happier dog. Penman knew she had to bring him home to Canada, but how? Transporting an animal is expensive, and she didn’t have the money to pay for it herself.

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But after two months of fundraising, the Good Samaritan had enough money to bring Leo home.

After a long and expensive ordeal, they touched down on Canadian soil. Although the model’s busy schedule wouldn’t allow her to adopt Leo herself, she found a home for him with a kind woman named Jamie.

Leo was in a safe and loving home at last, but he wasn’t quite out of the woods. The poor guy needed to be neutered, get a wheelchair, and deal with some unanticipated urinary issues.

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Before long, however, Leo was up and running — literally! A doggy wheelchair allowed him more freedom and mobility than he’d had in a long time.

Frequent urinary tract and bladder infections make it hard for Leo to use the bathroom properly, so he wears cloth baby diapers when he’s inside.

Leo’s had a lot of new adventures since he’s been in Canada. He’s been to campfires…

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….met Santa…

…made new friends….

…and even rocked some awesome outfits!

Most of the time, though, Leo can be found hanging out with his mom. He’s forever grateful to the two women who went to incredible lengths to save his life.

If you’ll excuse me, I need to go deal with all of this cuteness.

Read more: http://www.viralnova.com/paralyzed-dog-thailand/

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