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Everyone Is Going Nuts Over This New Ad, And It’s For The Best Reason

While women are stunning at every size, it’s a commonly known fact that the fashion industry is terrified of inclusivity. We could go on for days about the negative toll that these standards of beauty have taken on women the world over, but we all know that this lack of inclusivity has done some serious damage.

And that’s precisely why Aerie’s latest campaign — known online as #AerieReal — is one to watch. The brand was met with skepticism when they first debuted the campaign, but their most recent ad really encompasses what body positivity is all about. Their latest commercial features the fabulous Barbie Ferreira, and she’s here to tell you what’s up when it comes to showing a little self-love.

Before we get into it, let’s take a moment to bask in her fierceness. Okay, now we’re ready.

The New York-based beauty spends her time booking gigs with top fashion magazines and generally slaying the entire game.

The model has dealt with criticism since the moment she arrived on the scene, but she always makes self-love a priority. “You think I’m fat?” she joked in an interview with The Wild. “I’m still rocking it.”

In the end, if anyone refuses to accept her in the industry, it says more about them than it does about her. Her propensity to keep it movin’ makes her a perfect fit for the #AerieReal campaign.

The commercial is called “Real Talk With Barbie,” and it’s a candid portrayal of a model who will never apologize for being her best self.

(via USA Today)

Some people online are responding to the powerful ad with a form of negativity that is all too familiar to Barbie Ferreira, but here’s the thing. That negativity, while it surely gets old, is exactly what fuels her fire. Ferreira and all of the other models working on this project (who happen to look absolutely gorgeous in all shapes and sizes) share the same goal. They want to let everyone know that beauty doesn’t have boundaries — and that it certainly isn’t defined by measurements.

To keep up with Aerie’s campaign, be sure to follow the brand on Twitter. And if you need to welcome a little more fierceness into your day, follow Queen Barbie herself on Instagram.

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