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Everyone Will Be Jealous Of The Backyard Roller Coaster This Grandpa Just Made

Roller coasters are my favorite rides at theme parks.

But honestly, I think you’d be hard-pressed to find anyone who doesn’t love those awesomely fun contraptions. That’s why I’m sure you’ll totally understand me when I say I’m jealous of what this man built for his grandchildren.

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After Redditor BackyardCoasters retired from his career in aerospace engineering, he wasn’t ready to give up designing and developing, so he decided to go all out on a backyard project. By the time he was finished, he had created the most amazing backyard roller coaster ever.

The engineer got right to work by putting together a jig to cut the track ties.

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And it helped cut the ties exactly how he needed them.

This made it easy for him to screw and glue PVC pipes to the ends.

He used gauge sets while assembling each track to help keep everything in place.

When the tracks were completed, it was time to start constructing the coaster’s frame.

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He started the coaster on his deck to save on lumber and used wood planks for the rest of the support.

Thanks to his engineering knowledge, the support he built was perfectly sturdy.

To keep the cart from flying right off the end of the track, he made sure to curve it steeply.

With the track completed and looking amazing, he worked on the cart itself.

After welding wheels to the cart frame, he clamped everything together tightly.

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Then he welded the horizontal pieces onto the frame.

The only thing left to do was test the cart. He used 84 pounds of weight to make sure it would be safe for his grandkids.

But he didn’t like the possibility of whiplash that came with the carseat, so he ended up going with a shorter storage container with added padding and a seatbelt.

Assured that everything was safe, it was time to let his excited grandchildren test it out.

And it was definitely a hit.

I’d seriously like to know who wouldn’t feel a little envious after seeing that.

I hope these kids know how amazing their grandpa is.

I think it’s safe to say that BackyardCoasters is the grandparent of the year (or maybe even the decade). If you’d like to check out all of the steps in creating this masterpiece, you can find them here.

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