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FACT CHECK: Does Trump ‘beat both Hillary and Bernie’ in the @QuinnipiacPoll?

Donald Trump claimed on Twitter yesterday that according to the latest Quinnipiac poll, he beats “both Hillary and Bernie.”

That’s just not true. The latest national head-to-head poll from @QuinnipiacPoll has Trump losing to Clinton by 1 and to Sanders by 6:

Not only does Trump lose to Clinton in the poll, every other Republican does better than he does:

And as we pointed out earlier this weekon the USA Today poll Donald Trump is talking about, it’s true that he does lead both Clinton and Sanders. But Marco Rubio and John Kasich lead Clinton and Sanders by bigger margins than The Donald:

OK lets take a look at that poll, shall we? Yes, Trump does lead both Clinton and Sanders, but Marco Rubio and John Kasich (!) do even better than Trump. From USA Today:

In hypothetical matchups in the general election:

Clinton loses by 2 points to Trump (43%-45%), 1 point to Cruz (44%-45%), 6 points to Rubio (42%-48%) and 11 points to Kasich (38%-49%). Thats a weaker standing than the former secretary of State showed in Decembers survey, when she narrowly led Trump and Cruz and trailed Rubio by just 2 points.

Rubio and Kasich also beat Trump by a larger margin against Bernie Sanders:

Sanders loses by 1 point to Trump (43%-44%), 3 points to Kasich (41%-44%) and 4 points to Rubio (42%-46%) each of them a slightly stronger showing than Clinton and he leads Cruz by 2 points (44%-42%).

Why Rubio, Kasich andQuinnipiac are silent on Donald Trump’s tweet remains a mystery.

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