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Fired up: Supporters cheer Romney’s surprise visit to CPAC Colorado


Think grassroots conservatives can’t get fired up for Mitt Romney?

We've been told by the media that there's a lack of enthusiasm for Romney. According to my feed from folks attending #CPACCO, not the case

— Demetrius Minor (@dminor85) October 4, 2012

The GOP nominee wowed the crowd at CPAC Colorado the morning after he demolished President Obama at the first presidential debate. The unannounced visit brought attendees to their feet.

@MittRomney getting a rousing applause and reception here during his surprise drop in at #CPACCO #debatedenver

— Kirk Siegler (@KirkSiegler) October 4, 2012

Romney recapping the debate to an enthused crowd at #CPACCO

— Jackie Kucinich (@JFKucinich) October 4, 2012

Guess who? @MittRomney at #cpacco!! Crowd goes wild!! #romneyryan2012 pic.twitter.com/lIOpsKv2

— The ACU (@ACUConservative) October 4, 2012

@MittRomney speaking at #cpacco to a packed and fired up crowd! "Freedom is what drives America's economy" #romneyryan pic.twitter.com/NjwdjjWd

— The ACU (@ACUConservative) October 4, 2012

The #CPACCO crowd been on their feet the entire time @MittRomney has been speaking – Unbelievable enthusiasm pic.twitter.com/PCtaIodG

— Cameron Gray (@Cameron_Gray) October 4, 2012



I have a new respect for @mittromney today. Great to see him here at #CPACCO!

— Eye on Politics (@EyeOnPolitics) October 4, 2012

Smart | RT @amyvrwc: Nice! RT @daveweigel: Mitt Romney makes surprise appearance at #CPACCO

— Sean Hackbarth (@seanhackbarth) October 4, 2012

Surprise visit #MittRomney !! Crowd went wild.Fired up Mitt wants us all to "go knock on doors & talk to friends." #CPACCO #PGN #realside

— Gwendolyn (@scvbuckeye) October 4, 2012

Great to see future president Romney drop in and surprise us at #CPACCO #tcot #gop

— Vincent Kreul (@vkreul) October 4, 2012

A taste of Romney’s surprise speech:

Romney's doing classic stump speech, mixing things he's said before with new things. He's doing a good job. #CPACCO

— Taylor DRMF (@EyeDesertBlog) October 4, 2012

Romney is loving the trickle-down government phrase at #CPACCO

— Heather Curry (@HCurryDC) October 4, 2012


"These last three years have not been a real recovery" @MittRomney #CPACCO #tcot

— CPAC (@CPACnews) October 4, 2012

"With your help we are going to take back this country" @MittRomney #CPACCO #tcot

— CPAC (@CPACnews) October 4, 2012

@MittRomney says "this is not the recovery we need," need to restore hope and freedom #CPACCO

— Kirk Siegler (@KirkSiegler) October 4, 2012

@MittRomney at #cpacco "I will rebuild America's economy. It will be second to none" "with your help we will take back this economy"

— The ACU (@ACUConservative) October 4, 2012

You can follow tweets from CPAC Colorado using the #CPACCO hashtag.

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