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‘For Boston’: London Marathon honors victims of Boston Marathon bombing [pics]

@James_Samworth @guardian_sport @guardian
Classy moment at London Marathon. Moment of silence for Boston. I ❤ U.K.!

— susanDJsullivan (@susandjsullivan) April 21, 2013

Classy, indeed: Many heartwarming moments out of London today. London Marathon runners and spectators paid tribute to Boston and it started off with a moment of silence.

The London marathon stands still for Boston (better photo online) twitter.com/HowardGees/sta…

— Howard Gees (@HowardGees) April 21, 2013

30 secs of silence at start of race in memory of Boston victims. Many wore black ribbons #londonmarathon twitter.com/SherinSolara/s…

— Sherin Solara (@SherinSolara) April 21, 2013

Many runners are wearing Boston T-shirts in solidarity.

Many running in the London Marathon are wearing Boston Marathon t-shirts. #runforboston #boston

— Levi Fox (@levithefox) April 21, 2013

Touching seeing so many people running the London marathon with ‘Boston’ written on their t shirts.#respect

— Jezz Simpson (@Jezzsimpson) April 21, 2013

All of London sold out on Boston T-shirts for their marathon sunday. Everyone is wearing a Boston shirt in the race! Thats crazy awesome

— Olivia Zabachta (@Liv_ItUp1) April 19, 2013

“Dedicating this one to Boston!” Pushrim champion @londonmarathon @bostonmarathon twitter.com/jhboston26/sta… #uniteblue

— Maliheh (@Maliheh_) April 21, 2013


Runners are wearing black ribbons as well.

Runners and members of staff of London marathon wear black ribbons in memory of victims of Boston bombings. Photo BBC twitter.com/MurrayMcKerche…

— Murray McKercher (@MurrayMcKercher) April 21, 2013

Wearing my pass and black ribbon for Boston. Didn’t mean to look that sleazy though. #londonmarathon twitter.com/adamtremayne/s…

— Tremayne (@adamtremayne) April 21, 2013

People in London Marathon: runners are wearing black ribbons & remembering Boston. twitter.com/Magi_Cal/statu…

— Cal (@Magi_Cal) April 21, 2013

black ribbons for Boston #londonmarathon #Bostonstrong instagram.com/p/YXITwVIVhM/

— Sweet Tooth Runner (@SweetToothRunnr) April 21, 2013

Spectators are also paying tribute and offering support.

London #marathon supports Boston twitter.com/MaryGearin/sta…

— MaryGearinAbc (@MaryGearin) April 21, 2013

Supporting #Boston at #vlm2013 #vlmbestbits #bbcmarathon #londonmarathon twitter.com/RowanSnapdrago…

— Rowan Cole (@RowanSnapdragon) April 21, 2013

Kids holding posters “Never give up” and “We love Boston” #londonmarathon twitter.com/JolitaJeweller…

— Jolita Jewellery (@JolitaJewellery) April 21, 2013

spectators at #londonmarathon remembering #boston @ Birdcage Walk instagram.com/p/YXQa0ZlYdd/

— apd interiors (@andrewdunning) April 21, 2013

Solidarity from London. Thank you, our friends!

We continue to keep Boston in our thoughts and prayers.


Full Twitchy coverage of the Boston Marathon bombing

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