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For Less Than $100, He Transformed Their Backyard Into A Relaxing Oasis

At the top of my “if I win a million dollars” list is building my own backyard patio. My yard is where I escape the stress of everyday life and become one with nature (it also doesn’t hurt that the lighting is perfect for an impromptu selfie or two). Now, I don’t need anything fancy, but my mind instantly races with all the possibilities that could occur with an awesome entertainment space.

Redditor jbh425 is living proof that you can give your backyard an extreme makeover without having to break the bank. He was able to build a backyard oasis for his wife while only spending $100.

Before he could begin the build, jbh425 needed to do some minor landscaping to the space.

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He dug out an area for his patio.

No backyard oasis is complete without an awesome fence.

Our builder used a combination of railroad ties and bricks to create a border for the patio.

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He began trying to lay out a pattern that would add a nice visual aesthetic to the space.

After he got a sense for the look, he sanded the space to serve as a foundation.

All the slabs for the project were acquired from a concrete recycler.

He began laying them, making sure to also sand the areas between the tiles.

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The patio slowly came together…

He watered the surface to help the sand set into place.

After 24 hours, he gave the patio a second coat of water.

With the installation of a hammock and a few lounge chairs, this backyard oasis transformation has come to a close.

If you’re like me and need this backyard oasis in your life like NOW, you can find the full renovation project here.

Read more: http://www.viralnova.com/backyard-oasis/

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