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‘Full House’ actress Candace Cameron Bure says she’s voting for Romney


During a “question and answer time” with her followers this afternoon, one of Candace Cameron Bure’s fans asked her who she would be voting for in the presidential election. Without hesitation, Bure said that her vote would go to Mitt Romney.

Her choice didn’t go over well with a few people:

@candacecbure @dudeitsjiiggzz Are yall HIGH Mitt u gotta be Kidding me #smh

— Sweet (@sweeeeeetiePie) October 9, 2012

@candacecbure unfollowin ur dumb ass!!! #byebih!!

— September 14 (@candace_rehama) October 9, 2012

But, for the most part, unlike what happened to her Romney-supporting fellow actress Stacey Dash, most of Bure’s followers expressed their support for her decision:


"@candacecbure: Romney RT @DudeitsJiiggzz: @candacecbure Mitt Romney or Barack Obama, well I had to ask haha" I knew I liked her 4 a reason!

— Aimee Cox (@aimeelyse) October 9, 2012

@candacecbure Romney has my vote too!! I just hope he has America's vote as well.

— Melissa Taylor (@mclinetaylor) October 9, 2012

@candacecbure rock on girlfriend! i knew there was a reason i always loved dj tanner!

— Allison Maurer ♛ (@_allisonmaurer) October 9, 2012

@candacecbure We don't need four more years of failed policies.

— Christian Parkes (@parkes_c92) October 9, 2012


@candacecbure YA!!!

— Crystal Stacey Gan (@CrystalMFGee) October 9, 2012


Thanks for being bold enough to say that! RT @candacecbure: Romney RT. Mitt Romney or Barack Obama,

— Katie Mendoza (@katiemendo) October 9, 2012

And one liberal even tipped her hat to Bure for having the guts to buck the Hollywood trend and stay true to her conservative beliefs:

@candacecbure Even though i'm all Obama you're really brave for giving your opinion people are crazy about politics. 🙂

— eshita (@EshmommaJonas) October 9, 2012

Hear, hear!



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