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Gigglesnortage: Pauley Perrette says she’s part of the ’47 percent’


As Twitchy reported last night, lefties are shocked — shocked! — by a super-duper top-secret undercover video in which Mitt Romney boldly states that most government dependents will vote for Obama. Currently, 47 percent of Americans pay no federal income tax, and, while there are those among them who are trying very hard to climb their way into the 53 percent, plenty are perfectly content to remain firmly planted in the Julia bracket.

“NCIS” actress Pauley Perrette apparently counts herself among the disenfranchised 47 percent, as she took great offense to Romney’s remarks. It seems Perrette also has superhuman hearing; hidden among Romney’s words, she detected a slam on public school attendees. Dog whistle! Thank goodness she alerted her followers:

I am a proud product of the American public school system. Thank you for teaching me and feeding me!

— Pauley Perrette (@PauleyP) September 18, 2012

To my International followers: "Public School" here is where us not rich kids go. It's the opposite in other countries.

— Pauley Perrette (@PauleyP) September 18, 2012

It’s worth noting that Mitt Romney actually attended public school through the sixth grade. We suppose that by Perrette’s logic, that would make Romney part of the 47 percent as well. News flash, sweetheart. Plenty of public schoolchildren have the potential, in spite of the best efforts of pedagogic thugs like the Chicago Teachers Union, to grow up and become part of the 53 percent. Or are you just writing them off as future Julias?

Those dog whistles just kept a-ringing in Perrette’s ears. Not only did Romney go after public school attendees, but he also denigrated teachers, emergency personnel, and … food:

Got offended as a total Democrat FOR my Republican family after GOP's comments #Firefighters #Teachers #Food #NotVictims

— Pauley Perrette (@PauleyP) September 18, 2012

The horror!

Naturally, plenty of her fans were all too happy to nod their heads in agreement:


@PauleyP This isn't my GOP. This is the Tea Party GOP, hateful and divisive. Mine was Lincoln, Teddy, and Ike. These people are nuts.

— Mark C. Potts (@Potsy137) September 18, 2012

@PauleyP Wanted you to know, as a REPUBLICAN myself, THIS REPUBLICAN PARTY is NOT MY Republican Party!!!!

— Ellen Gill (@EllenGill65) September 18, 2012

@PauleyP GOP Republic are doing a lot of embarrassing themselves. I just wish both parties would work together & forget the BS.

— @jmladyhawk (@jmladyhawk) September 18, 2012

@PauleyP So am I, Pauley. Matter of fact, I am a public school teacher and proud to be.

— lillian reads (@lillianreads) September 18, 2012

@PauleyP I wish the public school system where I live would accept my daughter on the reduced meals plan 🙁 it would be $2/week vs. $10

— Tally (@tallulah13) September 18, 2012

@PauleyP As a proud employee of the American Public Education system I thank you.

— Nicholas Rosas (@nyyrosas) September 18, 2012

@PauleyP Totally agree! hearing complaints from republicans about wasting money on teacher's pensions! WTF? they deserve a reward!

— Christine Gasser (@MyMukki) September 18, 2012

@PauleyP I'm a repub and I'm voting 4 Obama. I can't believe the Romney campaign.

— Ed Dawson (@uncleebby) September 18, 2012


But not everyone was picking up what Perrette was putting down:

@PauleyP you are not part of the 47% who don't pay fed taxes. please get your context correct. #47percent

— MRoberts (@tomkatchd) September 18, 2012

@PauleyP thats not the 47% he is talking about its the 47% who don't pay federal taxes! The remark was not great but Obama made mistakes too

— meg barry (@irisheyes965) September 18, 2012

@PauleyP chicago teachers make 76K a year with 3 mo vaca andcant be fired…these are not the same schools we went too.

— Anthony Parkin (@ParkinAnthony) September 18, 2012

@PauleyP no you are not you pay income taxes…a bhuge amount do not..just the truth Paulie

— Anthony Parkin (@ParkinAnthony) September 18, 2012

@PauleyP You don't pay income tax? That's what the 47% refer to, those that don't pay ANY income tax but receive all the help & benefits

— Tom Martino (@tom_martino1) September 18, 2012

@PauleyP education & public safety NOT 'freebies', unearned food, housing, healthcare = freebies. need 2 care 4 people, not handout 2 anyone

— Marla Haney (@mhaneyranch) September 18, 2012

@PauleyP the real question would be why would anybody be against getting these people off assistance and into jobs if they're able?

— Scott Snider (@jeepsailor) September 18, 2012


@PauleyP name onr thing Romney said that was not true…just ONE.

— Anthony Parkin (@ParkinAnthony) September 18, 2012

@TiffanyODell @PauleyP Bible says a man who will not work + provide for his family is worse than an imbecile, so should I help such a person

— Scott Snider (@jeepsailor) September 18, 2012

@PauleyP I'm not rich and I went to private school…imy dad wanted us to have a better education.

— Amethyst DiModica (@onesinginmama) September 18, 2012

@PauleyP private doesn't mean rich. It was 12 yrs priority & sacrifice. No vacations, small house etc for us. Education was worth it all.

— Carla (@carlamom) September 18, 2012


Oh. Snap.

@PauleyP I love you as a person, you do amazing work for others but you are not the 47% anymore. But still #voteobama

— Cierra Townsend (@C_Town916) September 18, 2012

No, she is not. As a matter of fact, according to Celebrity Net Worth, Perrette is currently worth an estimated $6 million. She’s done pretty well for herself. Not only is she part of the 53 percent, but she wants to be the poster child for financing the 47 percent. Go right ahead, Pauley. Meanwhile, hardworking Americans with faith in their abilities will continue to push themselves to do more than settle for a life of government dependence.



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