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Gloat and Gloater: Carrey profits off dead children with iTunes sales, gloats


Hmm. Good question! As Twitchy reported, Jim Carrey’s anti-gun song, “Cold Dead Hand” was released yesterday. It mocks the late Charlton Heston, as well as gun owners. Remember, he previewed the release by proclaiming the song was for all the “heartless motherf**kers” who don’t care about the safety of our kids. As we noted, the video was released by Funny or Die and the song is available on iTunes. For 99 cents per download. Will the proceeds be given to charity, “funny man”?

CNN has a statement from anti-gun nut Carrey:

Carrey said in a statement that he found America’s rash of gun violence “frustrating” and the video was “my fun little way of expressing that frustration.”

Fun, profitable, same diff! Also, what on earth is “fun” about using the deaths of children to promote not only one’s agenda, but oneself? Unless by fun, he means deplorable.

@tcot_ne iTunes showcasing Jim Carrey’s song on their homepage. I shouldn’t be surprised, but I find it tasteless and offensive.

— Ashley Lynn (@AshuhLeee_Lynn) March 26, 2013

Tasteless, offensive and morally repugnant. Twitter users agree and take the actor to the woodshed for dancing (and singing) on the graves of children.

@jimcarrey : and a sick MF for trying to profit off of a tragedy in such a way. Nice going.

— Wrex Allen (@wrexallen) March 24, 2013

@jimcarrey..u are abt to profit from this tragedy..who is the heartless MF’r now. Hypocrite!

— Sharon DiPiazza (@sissyd) March 24, 2013

@jimcarrey how nice of u 2 profit off dead kids. Well any publicity is good publicity and someone should ride those dead bodies to the bank.

— Vince (@Svt4Him) March 24, 2013

@jimcarrey sad you would seek to profit from and use the bodies of dead children to prop up your career. Wonderstone says it all. 👎

— Captain Carl (@RobJart) March 24, 2013

@jimcarrey Double standards again. Your profit money being donated?? Would you Step out alone and say to gun owners face!!No!!!

— Scott Wallace (@Wallace01S) March 25, 2013

A fellow anti-gun nut helps show the depth of the depravity.

Hey @jimcarrey – if you release the full video for Cold Dead Hand on iTunes I’ll buy it, but not just the song… #NoMoreGuns

— SandyHook AntiGun (@AntiGunNut) March 26, 2013

Wow. What conviction! Totally about the children, unless, you know, he has to pay for just a song without bonus video included. Priorities! But, hey, he added #nomoreguns so he’s totally serious.

Other Twitter users continue to question why Carrey is such a douchetastic hypocrite by also profiting off of movies that glorify violence.

Question:will @jimcarrey refuse to star in/profit from any movie glorifying gun violence? Donate ongoing royalties of Mask to charity?

— Jared Kail (@SledHeadJed) March 26, 2013

Oh, the irony. Who’s profiting off the fear? @jimcarrey is. Such ‘courage’ to go after law-abiders, while avoiding real killers. #Redeye

— Liz Buddie (@lizbuddie) March 26, 2013

Nice gun [email protected]jimcarrey [email protected]josepheach: @jimcarrey let [email protected]dloesch know what type of gun u have here for profit? twitter.com/josepheach/sta…[email protected]foxnews

— Joe Turner (@JoeTurner310) March 26, 2013

Hypocrit @jimcarrey MT [email protected]hatchetwoundsAll of the movies and weapon types that Jim Carrey brandished for profit. imfdb.org/wiki/Jim_Carrey

— Donna bitter clinger (@izzyjsmom) March 26, 2013

@andy_russell_ @jimcarrey More like it’s the hypocrisy of profitting off violent film while calling 4 gun control Grow up stop being a sheep

— John Wizeman (@JohnWizeman) March 26, 2013

@jimcarrey @jbird8 but movies do glorify guns and you profit from it.

— David (@_Daveberg) March 25, 2013

@jimcarrey #heartlessmotherfckers are actors who support gun control while profiting off violent, gun-ridden movies

— DMartyr (@DMartyr) March 25, 2013

Profiting off of violence-glorification and dead children.

@jimcarrey profitting off of the deaths of children–you can’t get much lower than that!!

— Joe Conroy (@joeconr) March 25, 2013

But it’s totally OK. He loves you. Even you ‘motherf*ckers.”

There r also many fair minded ppl out there and I appreciate their support bt I love every1 whether we agree or not. Yes, even the MF’s! ;^P

— Jim Carrey (@JimCarrey) March 26, 2013

Even if the proceeds of the song will be given to charity, Mr. Carrey is promoting himself on the backs of the dead. As is Funny or Die; they aren’t a non-profit organization are they? HBO, a Funny or Die partner, would be surprised to learn that.

Update: Classy. Cashing in on tragedy and gloating about it.

‘Cold Dead Hand’ on Funny Or Die n itunes has more than a million views in a little more than a day! Must be a messa… say.ly/HgC5s85

— Jim Carrey (@JimCarrey) March 26, 2013


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