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Greg Gutfeld heroically defends Jason Biggs’, Jim Carrey’s right to suck


Hey @greggutfeld thx for the love! For someone as inconsequential as me, u sure seem to be dedicating a lot of time to me! Thx! Xoxo

— Jason Biggs (@JasonBiggs) March 29, 2013

Hey, we have something in common with Jason Biggs after all! It’s a great moment for us too when Greg Gutfeld dedicates time and attention to Jason Biggs and Jim Carrey. We like a good laugh as much as anybody and appreciate Gutfeld’s special talent at uncovering their long-dormant entertainment value.

Gutfeld devoted a lot of time (well, several minutes) on Fox News’ “The Five” today (watch the full video here) to deliver an epic smack-down of Biggs, who doesn’t seem to have taken to heart Nickelodeon’s insistence that he “use better judgment and discretion in public communications,” if his tweets about the pope yesterday are any indication.

Pope Francis kissed the feet of a dozen minors today, in an effort to prove that the church is trying really hard to exercise restraint.

— Jason Biggs (@JasonBiggs) March 29, 2013

“Ugh, fine. Gimme the fucking feet.” – Pope Francis, after being told he could no longer kiss his preferred body part.

— Jason Biggs (@JasonBiggs) March 29, 2013

Pope Francis has always had a foot fetish, this we know. But criminals?? I mean, what the fuck??

— Jason Biggs (@JasonBiggs) March 29, 2013

“@kevinrleyland: Catholic pedophile jokes. original.” Oh u mean cuz there’s so many jokes? Like, cuz there’s so many PEDOPHILE PRIESTS? Amen

— Jason Biggs (@JasonBiggs) March 29, 2013

Jim Carrey didn’t experience the “great moment” that Biggs did on being called out by Gutfeld; in fact, in an emoticon-free statement sent by his press agent, he raised the possibility of legal action against “media colostomy bag” “Fux News” in response to their “vicious slander.” Has Carrey been out of the game so long he doesn’t recognize actual humor anymore? Or is he worried about the legal costs involved in proving in court that he’s not, indeed, a turd?

On #thefive I respond to [email protected]jimcarrey press release accusing us of bullying him,after he mocked the dead. I take pity on the turd.

— GregGutfeld (@greggutfeld) March 29, 2013

@jimcarrey raises legal action, something heston can’t do cuz he’s dead.

— GregGutfeld (@greggutfeld) March 29, 2013

Well, you can’t really slander Heston, can you? He might be dead, be he’s surely one of those “heartless motherf*ckers” who aren’t worth protecting, right?

For his part, Gutfeld recalled his own “great moment” he shared with Biggs, although we do think his claim that Biggs has “grown” is prime material for a strenuous fact-check.

@jasonbiggs @foxnews mine, was when you bummed smokes off me at a Stuff party back in 2000 when I was editor. We’ve grown.

— GregGutfeld (@greggutfeld) March 29, 2013

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