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Hammer time: Press swoons over Hillary Clinton, party animal


Hillary Clinton became the Secretary of Wild and Crazy at the swearing-in ceremony for Michael Hammer, her Assistant Secretary of Public Affairs. She gave new meaning to the phrase “it’s hammer time!”

Fetch your drool buckets; this caused some major Squee-ing.

@HuffingtonPost: Hillary Clinton rocks sparkly purple cat-eye sunglasses http://t.co/DC3nsVEc” this was too cool for word. Go Hilary!

— Anitra Manning (@DrAnitra) June 22, 2012

More from the Huffington Post:

Hillary Clinton, can you please stop getting cooler and cooler? You’re making the rest of us look bad …

… Clinton then put on purple beads, tossed her hair (as she’s wont to do), and slipped on some cocktail rings.

But Sec. Clinton wasn’t done, adding, “Then, of course, the piece de resistance…” She then pulled out a pair of wild green and purple cat-eye sunglasses and proceeded to walk Hammer through his oaths in full Mardi Gras garb.

Wild shades, popping her collar and drinking wine in a castle? Confidential to Hillary: even though you give us an inferiority complex, please stay awesome.

You can hear the Squee as you read that, can’t you?

ABC lays it on thick as well.

Hillary Clinton Sports Mardi Gras Sunglasses at Swearing In … – ABC News (blog) http://t.co/uZZrdOAz

— Mktgeist (@Mktgeistcom) June 22, 2012

They open with talk of her “spicing things up” (not a good visual) and then swoon at her hipness.

Clinton took off the glasses during part of her very personal speech reflecting on Hammer and his record of public service at both the White House and the State Department. But when it came time to administer the actual oath, she put the glasses back on, looked at the crowd and gave a resounding “O.K.!” before turning to swear in the new assistant secretary of state .. . with Madam Secretary looking tres cool in her wing-tipped shades.

Some Twitter users follow the press’s lead.

And I thought I couldn't love Hillary Clinton more than I already did: http://t.co/FyXYsPDP

— Amy Spiro (@AmySpiro) June 22, 2012

Hillary Clinton, you are amazing. "Clinton Dons Wild-Cat Eye Glasses" http://t.co/T8cHQOe8 (h/t @brostine)

— Brad Gilligan (@bradgilligan) June 22, 2012

If I didn't already value Hillary Clinton for her brain, I would just vote for her because of her strange fashion sense and sense of humor.

— attendez la creme (@waitforthecreme) June 22, 2012

She's brilliant and cool! 🙂 RT @HuffingtonPost: Hillary Clinton rocks sparkly purple cat-eye sunglasses http://t.co/SAcDbpdC

— Jayne E. Juvan (@JayneJuvan) June 22, 2012

Should be required attire for all Secs of State MT @HuffingtonPost: #Clinton rocks sparkly purple cat-eye sunglasses http://t.co/It62HuPI

— Bonnie Petrie (@TheAnchorMom) June 22, 2012

So cool! And hip and stuff! Evidently, the most important trait for a Secretary of State or a potential leader of the free world is the ability to pull off cat-eye sunglasses and purple Mardi Gras beads with panache. To be fair, we suppose it is a bigger accomplishment than any our current president has achieved.

Not purple pantsuits, though.

Hillary: "I have pantsuits in nearly every color – except purple." http://t.co/AUt7AE7E

— Stefan Becket (@stefanjbecket) June 22, 2012

Hey, not everyone can pull off purple, right?

Hillary goes Mardi Gras I wonder if both her and Bill are party animals? Democrats tend to less stuffy than… http://t.co/mNVz4rFD

— JOHN BESSLER (@JGBESS) June 22, 2012

Um. I think we know that about the former president. Also, “less stuffy” is a strange way of putting it. Stuffy old rubes who choose not to be serial cheaters and harassers!

Secretary “Party Down” Clinton then took the stage at the Rio Summit this morning.

#SecClinton at #RioPlus20: The only way to deliver lasting progress for everyone is by preserving our resources, protecting the environment.

— Department of State (@StateDept) June 22, 2012

In sassy sunglasses and playful pantsuits!

And a sparkly scrunchie!

Is Hillary Clinton's pony tail age appropriate? #rioplus20 She did have a be-jewelled scrunchie…

— Louise Gray (@loubgray) June 22, 2012

This Twitter user decides to give everyone nightmares.

The awkard moment when you see #NoPantyDay and Hillary Clinton in the same trending list

— Joe Abbott (@jabbott620) June 22, 2012

Oh, no. For this he must pay!

Read more: http://twitchy.com/2012/06/22/hammer-time-press-swoons-over-hillary-clinton-party-animal/

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