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Haunted Castles That You’ll Want To Visit…But You Probably Shouldn’t

Even the toughest tough guy can get spooked by a haunted house and here’s the proof.

Even if you hate scary things, there’s something undeniably exciting about spending time in a real haunted building. So, adrenaline junkie or not, if you’re looking for a few places to spend the night to test out your guts, these 12 castles should do the trick. They’re all crazy-haunted and strike fear into the hearts of all those who dare step foot inside…

1. Castle of Bardi, Italy

This Italian castle is haunted by a military captain who lived there. After his lover committed suicide, he killed himself, too.

2. Belcourt Castle, Rhode Island

A man named Harold Tinney lived in this American castle after his family bought it from the Belmont family. After he died, it is believed that his spirit remained and still roams the halls today.

3. Dragsholm Castle, Denmark

The ghost of the white lady, as she’s called by many, takes up residence in this castle. The story behind her haunting is that she was locked up by her father for falling in love with a commoner. At the beginning of the 20th century, a skeleton wearing a white dress was found in the castle walls.

4. Château de Brissac, France

Built in the 11th century, this castle is said to be haunted by the spirits of adulterers. A husband caught his wife cheating on him with another man in the castle and killed them both on the spot.

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5. Larnach Castle, New Zealand

Home to a New Zealand politician named William Larnach, this castle’s walls are haunted by the spirits of Kate (the daughter of the original landlord) and Eliza (Larnach’s first wife).

6. Wolfsegg Castle, Germany

This German castle is haunted by the spirits of two farmers who murdered the castle owner’s wife for cheating. It is believed that these men have been haunting the castle for five centuries.

7. Castle of Horst, Belgium

The ghost that haunts this castle is quite unique. At midnight, the Lord of Rode arrives in a carriage drawn by six white horses because he supposedly cannot find peace in the afterlife. Why? Well, he murdered a priest for sleeping with his wife.

8. Himeji Castle, Japan

Deep in the well of this castle lives Okiku. The mythical ghost rises every night, shrieking and scaring the pants off of people.

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9. Predjama Castle, Slovenia

A knight haunts the Predjama Castle in Slovenia. It is believe that he was killed in battle while defending the castle.

10. Castle of Good Hope, South Africa

This place is littered with ghosts. It is haunted by Lady Anne Barnard, who lived in the castle, along with a soldier who hung himself there. To make it a crowd, there’s supposedly an army of ghost soldiers that haunt the castle as well.

11. Castle Fraser, Scotland

At Castle Fraser, a princess is believed to have been murdered in her sleep. She still haunts the building because the occupants tried to cover up her death.

12. Arundel Castle, England

It is said that the Earl of Arundel haunts this castle. He has been at it for many centuries and no one knows if he will ever be able to find peace in the afterlife.

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So go spend some time in these castles…if you dare! We can’t guarantee that you’ll see any ghosts, but we do promise you’ll get a major case of the willies.

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