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He Rushed To Build A Giant Game For His Son’s Birthday Party, And It’s So Awesome

One of my favorite things to do as a kid was play games with my family.

Board games, video games — you name it, we played it. I especially loved the bigger games that got you moving around, like Twister.

Imgur user hahabird‘s son tends to agree, because he begged his dad to build a giant version of Connect Four for his upcoming birthday party and the awesome dad definitely didn’t disappoint. If you and your little ones love playing games together, you have to check this out.

Every successful project needs a good plan, so the builder began by marking where each hole would go on two sheets of plywood.

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After cutting the boards to size, he started drilling small holes.

The holes helped him cut out these circular openings.

After he attached long pieces of trim to guide the checkers, it was time to glue the two large sheets together.

It was definitely starting to look like Connect Four!

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He painted cork trivets red to create the checkers.

He was in a rush to get everything finished in time, so he cut the frame pieces at night.

Our dedicated crafter gave the frame a pretty cherry finish.

Then he glued the frame onto the plywood sheets and clamped everything until it was dry.

But he wasn’t done with the frame yet. He used a band saw to cut a bevel into another piece.

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These sloped edges would make sliding the checkers in so easy.

For an added touch, he glued blocks to another wooden plank.

Then he used a milling machine to cut openings into a piece of aluminum.

The crafter used the same machine to cut a handle slot. This would allow him to release the checkers from the bottom of the board.

When he was satisfied with the setup, he threaded a rod through that slot.

The only thing left to do was to attach knobs to the handle.

Seriously, how awesome is this? I bet his son has so much fun with it.

If I had this in my yard, I would totally play all the time.

Best dad ever? I think so! If you’d love to replicate this for your kids (or yourself), you can find the full instructions here.

Read more: http://www.viralnova.com/giant-connect-four/

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