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He Took Apart A Drum Set And Made It Into An Awesome Statement Piece For His Home

You’re not considered a true band geek unless your house is full of instruments and equipment. I should know, since I used to be one.

But when adulthood hits and you find yourself unable to dedicate yourself to music anymore because bills suck, you’re still left with a house full of clunky instruments. You could sell them and make a bit of easy money, or you could choose to get crafty and unleash your inner DIY master.

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Instructables user went with the latter option. He was able to beautifully repurpose his old drum set into a chandelier that would bring warmth to any music lover’s home.

Our designer began by tearing apart his drum set and removing the heads.

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He chose to use a microphone stand as the frame for the chandelier.

With the basic framing figured out, he began wiring the lights.

Next, he drilled pipe flanges to a board and attached them to the drum using L-brackets.

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With the hanging situation figured out, he began crafting an epic cymbal light to serve as the focal point.

Our designer then made some finishing touches to the wiring.

All that was left to do was hang this bad boy up.

Talk about a harmonious addition to his living room!

Any musician would love displaying this statement piece.

For full instructions, check this out.

Read more: http://www.viralnova.com/drum-set-chandelier/

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