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He Tore Open A Moving Garbage Bag And What He Found Inside Broke His Heart

We’ve all had upsetting days at the office, but this trash collector was totally floored by what he encountered one day.

Just outside of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, trash collectors were busy tossing bags from the side of the street into the truck. They were doing the same thing they did every other day, so nothing seemed out of the ordinary. Suddenly, one man spotted something moving inside a sealed bag. When he heard a tiny cry, he came to the horrific realization that a live kitten was trapped inside.

He immediately freed the poor animal.

The team fittingly named her Grundgetta after Oscar the Grouch’s girlfriend. After being rescued, she was taken to the Providence Animal Center for further care and adoption preparation. Check out the cutie getting a little love in the video below!

Fortunately, representatives from the Providence Animal Center just revealed that Grundgetta has found a foster home!

It’s horrible to think about the fact that someone was heartless enough to throw this poor kitten away, but knowing that there are plenty of kind, loving people out there who are always ready to help is comforting.

Speaking of helping out, if you’d like to get involved with the Providence Animal Center’s efforts, check this out!

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