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His Dog Took Off After A Little Boy. What He Did Next Totally Saved The Child.

Too many people are still under the impression that pit bulls are aggressive, dangerous dogs, when the opposite is more often true than not.

Many owners of the breed will tell you that they’re sweet, loyal, and very protective of their families and the people close to them. However, this guy’s pit bull lab mix proved that they also don’t hesitate to rescue others in need, especially children.

Hurley’s neck looks pretty swollen here. The reason why makes him a hero.

This sweetheart was on a walk with his dad when he heard a child scream and took off to find him. When his dad caught up with him, he saw Hurley grab a copperhead snake away from the boy and start flinging it around, eventually killing it. The boy had stumbled across a whole nest of them.

The kid ran to his mom’s car and they sped away before the man could check to see if he was okay, so he isn’t sure whether the boy was bitten or not. It became clear, though, that Hurley stopped any further attacks when he saw that the dog had taken a bite himself.

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Thankfully, Hurley is doing fine now after a stay at an emergency vet.

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