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#HitTheRoadBarack: Strange bedfellows; Right gets on board with Newsweek


Yes, they can!

Pleasantly Surprised? @newsweek Cover & Hashtag #HitTheRoadBarack Slams #Obama Policies http://t.co/EiaVjgh9 #rsrh #mediabias #tcot #media

— Accuracy In Media (@AccuracyInMedia) August 20, 2012

Surprising, indeed. Proving the old canard, “politics makes strange bedfellows” true, Newsweek’s (yes, it still exists) latest cover was a big hit … with conservatives. No, really!

Newsweek's cover: #HitTheRoadBarack. Examines Obama's broken promises and explains why Romney-Ryan is our only hope for prosperity. #RSRH

— Dan Spencer (@cayankee) August 20, 2012

Is obama losing the media? Newsweek wakes up to his lies. #HitTheRoadBarack

— LibertyGirl NH (@libertygirlNH) August 20, 2012

What a great cover piece from #Newsweek. #Hittheroadbarack why we need a new president. MSM gets it right this time.

— Keagan Rushmore (@KRushmoreGR) August 20, 2012

But, do they really? Some are still suspicious.

#HitTheRoadBarack Not to burst anyone's bubble, but Newsweek might be trying the old reverse psychology. Trash Barry, to energize his base.

— The Morning Spew (@TheMorningSpew) August 20, 2012

Did it work?

Newsweek puts out #HitTheRoadBarack and liberals freak over one article. We live with a liberal press. One article & they can't take it lol!

— Go Right With Jane (@janie_austin) August 20, 2012

Truth to lefties is like a light bulb to cockroaches. Watch em scramble from the #newsweek cover/article! #HitTheRoadBarack

— Dave O'Connell (@DaveRawks) August 20, 2012

When did @Newsweek become a shill publication for the GOP? That's not journalism, it's…Fox News in print. #HitTheRoadBarack

— Carla Bond (@carlabond) August 20, 2012

Heh, yes. His base is not too pleased. Suddenly, Newsweek, home of the blatantly sexist Sarah Palin cover and the Obama with gay-lo cover with featured article penned by a Trig Truther, is a shill for the GOP!

Newsweek is right. #HitTheRoadBarack

— Sarah F. (@wahwuh007) August 20, 2012

Has a good beat to it, no? And don't cha come back no mo' no mo'~~> RT @wahwuh007: Newsweek is right. #HitTheRoadBarack

— robert (@ProgressiveAle) August 20, 2012

#HitTheRoadBarack and take your campaign of hate and lies back to Chicago!! #tcot

— Jenn Jacques (@JennJacques) August 20, 2012

#HitTheRoadBarack and all the Czars you rode in on.

— Gurdy Bean (@gurdybean) August 20, 2012

Still blaming Bush??? FANTASTIC article in the by-no-means conservative publication Newsweek … #HitTheRoadBarack

— Tom Quinlin (@tquinnd) August 20, 2012

You know when even .@Newsweek starts to see .@BarackObama for who he is, he's through. #HitTheRoadBarack – and take Pelosi & Reid with you.

— Maddy Ferguson (@maddystl) August 20, 2012

.@Onelifetogive Predict it will break all sales records. MT .@Newsweek: We're watching this hashtag:#HitTheRoadBarack: http://t.co/T5Iz8BwE

— PerryA (@PerryInDC) August 20, 2012

#HitTheRoadBarack lays it out in the most simplistic and indisputable terms why not to elect Obama to 4 more years of destructive policy.

— Obama Fatigue (@OFatigue) August 20, 2012

#HitTheRoadBarack Great Hashtag. Great Title. Great Idea. Walk on down those roads WE built with OUR tax dollars and don't come back.

— Beverly Says (@BeverlyHobbit) August 20, 2012

My new favorite hashtag #HitTheRoadBarack 🙂 LOVE IT!

— Lisa Creel (@ldscreel) August 20, 2012

Yes. Keep it coming, Twitter. Strange bedfellows or not, the hashtag and the sentiments behind it, are delicious!

Read more: http://twitchy.com/2012/08/20/hittheroadbarack-strange-bedfellows-conservatives-get-on-board-with-newsweek/

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