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#HowToPissOffADemocrat: Tips for when you feel the urge to make a Democrat mad


In honor of the beginning of the Democratic National Convention, we have decided to share some useful ways to make Democrats angry — courtesy of the Twitter users who’ve been tweeting #HowToPissOffADemocrat. On your mark, get set, aggravate!

#HowToPissOffADemocrat Remind them that Obama said to bring a gun if the other guy brings a knife. Libs love that one.

— DarthBossyness (@StacyOnTheRight) September 3, 2012

RT @JoeDunn8 #HowToPissOffADemocrat Remind them that Ted Kennedy killed a woman and got away with it. #mapoli #masen #DNC2012 #WarOnWomen

— Fauxcahontas Warren (@Fauxcahontas4MA) September 3, 2012

#HowToPissOffADemocrat whip out your secret Right wing racial dog whistle and blow it as hard as you can.

— Tony the Cop (@TufftonyFla) September 3, 2012

#HowToPissOffADemocrat Mention drone strikes…

— Jordan Welsh (@GingerChe) September 3, 2012

#HowToPissOffADemocrat Start talking. They will yell "racist" any second.

— yolotroll (@trollololyolo) September 3, 2012

#HowToPissOffADemocrat Tell him/her that you just love @JedediahBila and @michellemalkin

— MadeInHisImage (@SnoBurd) September 3, 2012

#HowToPissOffADemocrat Struggle financially but, refuse a hand out.

— Deb Naatjes (@debwards1) September 3, 2012

#HowToPissOffADemocrat Tell them that you can register to vote at the same place you can get an ID

— AW (@ArtbyAWOHS) September 2, 2012

#HowToPissOffADemocrat Say the Pledge of Allegiance

— BD Pisani (@B2Journal) September 2, 2012

#HowToPissOffADemocrat decide to be a stay at home mom.

— Dagny Taggart (@Indepgirlism) September 2, 2012




#HowToPissOffADemocrat Purchase a firearm

— Bubba J. (@bbchevyguy) September 2, 2012

#HowToPissOffADemocrat Tell them that you used to be a Liberal then got smart and became a conservative.

— Chad Stephens (@UmbraAtra) September 2, 2012

Tell them that pot smoking contributes to global warming. #HowToPissOffADemocrat

— The Playful Walrus (@PlayfulWalrus) September 2, 2012

#HowToPissOffADemocrat Get married to a member of the opposite sex. Have live children. Be successful.

— Rex Justice (@TrentonPowers) September 2, 2012

#HowToPissOffADemocrat – Go see 2016 Obama's America movie

— T Bradley (@TBradleyNC) September 2, 2012

Talk about Chicago. #HowToPissOffADemocrat

— PrestoPundit (@PrestoPundit) September 2, 2012

#HowToPissOffADemocrat Tell them anyone applying for welfare should have to pass a drug test.

— Golfanatik (@wforme) September 2, 2012

#HowToPissOffADemocrat remind them their failed president thinks we didn't build this…

— Shilo Anderson (@ShiloAnderson1) September 2, 2012

It can happen at the drop of a hat, so please use responsibly.

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