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If You Love Ravioli, Celebrate Its National Holiday With These Epic Recipes

Quick! What’s your favorite kind of pasta?

While there are soo many options — linguine, spaghetti, lasagna — it’s really not a question at all. Hands down, ravioli should win every time! Why, you ask? Well, you can stuff it with just about anything your heart desires…I mean, the pasta can be a breakfast, lunch, dinner, or dessert.

So, maybe you’ll never have it for breakfast or dessert, but there’s no reason you shouldn’t try shoving some eggs or Nutella in there, am I right? For other innovative ways to enjoy the Italian delight in honor of National Ravioli Day, check out the recipes below.

1. First things first, I was wrong…egg ravioli? Totally a thing — and 100% delicious.

2. This lemon and ricotta-stuffed blueberry ravioli would be perfect for breakfast or dessert.

3. Make these ravioli hearts for a date night and fill them with your beau’s favorite ingredients.

4. These yellow beet raviolis are topped with lemongrass-coconut foam…anndd I just died.

5. Is there anything better than butternut squash with brown butter sauce? No, there isn’t.


6. Think anything fried and on a stick belongs at a carnival? Think again.

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7. I suppose, if you insist on going super healthy, this zucchini version is the way to go.

8. In my opinion though, these red beet raviolis stuffed with ricotta and topped with poppy seed butter are better.

9. Or you could also try this beautiful red tomato ravioli with creamy mushroom butter.

10. This ravioli bake combines the best of lasagna and the stuffed pasta into one delicious meal.

11. Meat lovers will go crazy for this short rib-stuffed dish.

12. If you love Alfredo sauce and chicken, get on this ravioli train ASAP.

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13. Chef Boyardee was good when we were kids, but this grownup version of the soupy ravioli is way better.

14. Serve these ravioli bites as appetizers at just about any awesome affair.

15. Use frozen ravioli for this hearty casserole that’ll satisfy even your pickiest eater.

16. Spinach and artichoke dip is great, but add ravioli to the mix and I’m drooling.

17. Balsamic vinegar, garlic mushrooms, and mascarpone cheese fill these carby pockets.

18. These rainbow ravioli are almost too pretty to eat…I said almost.

19. I’m glad that I was wrong about dessert ravioli…so, so glad.

20. This red velvet ravioli has a “donut-like dough” on the outside. Yes, please!

21. I couldn’t leave you without mentioning the raspberry cannoli filling inside these chocolate raviolis.

Happy National Ravioli Day, now…

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