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If You Love The Outdoors, This Water Bottle Is About To Become Your Best Friend

When it comes to roughing it in the great outdoors, having everything you need in case of emergency is important. All hikers and bikers worth their salt know that having ample food and water to get them through their adventures (and potentially help them over a few hurdles along the way) is top priority, but lugging around gallons of water and clunky purification systems is a heavy hassle.

That’s why this new invention is about to change the outdoor game. Called Fontus, this water bottle will ensure that you never run out of water again, and all it needs to operate is the open air. With the use of solar technology, this device turns air into clean drinking water.

Fontus is no bigger than your average water bottle, and the only other piece of equipment it needs is a thin solar panel. Point the panel at the sun, plug it into the bottle, and watch the magic happen.

In one hour, Fontus can generate half a liter of filtered drinking water.

To learn more about this revolutionary technology, check out the video below:

(via Tech Insider)

The best part about the development of this technology is that it could potentially change the lives of people who live in water-scarce regions. Clean drinking water should not be a luxury, and this incredible invention has the power to change the world.

Fontus is still in its early stages, and designers hope that over the next few months, they will be able to perfect the filtration system and cut consumer costs as much as possible. If this sounds like something you’d be interested in buying, you can learn even more about Fontus here. Developers plan on launching a crowdfunding campaign in the near future, so be sure to keep your eyes peeled!

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