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If You Use These Makeup Brands, Prepare To Be So Disgusted

There’s nothing quite like opening a brand-new eyeshadow palette or getting the latest Ipsy bag in the mail. But how much do you really love cosmetics? Do you love them enough to torture and kill a dog? How about a cat or a bunny?

If you think I’m being overly dramatic, brace yourself for the information, photos, and videos to follow. While there are plenty of cruelty-free makeup and cosmetic brands on the market, most people have no idea what goes into making their favorite products. Sadly, many of the world’s most popular brands continue to rely on animal testing, even though their packaging says otherwise.

A word of warning — the story below contains graphic content that is extremely disturbing.

We’ll start with L’Oréal. While they claim to no longer engage in animal testing, they note that “an exception could be made if regulatory authorities required it for safety and regulatory purposes.” Because they operate in China, a market that requires all products to be tested on animals, they have continued to torture and kill animals in the name of beauty.

What does that actually look like? Just ask this poor, abused rabbit.

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