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‘I’m not dangerous’: Chris Brown drops new single, Team Breezy swoons!/michellemalkin/status/318763965754798080

Chris Browns ‘fine china’ – “its alright, I’m not dangerous, when you’re mine..” Controversial statement there, boy!

— CΣRYS JΔNΣ (@iamcerys) April 1, 2013

Listen up, ladies. Chris Brown is out with a new single, “Fine China,” about him knowing how to make his woman feel special:… here it is! #FineChina #onetake

— Chris Brown(@chrisbrown) April 1, 2013

Forget all that stuff about him smacking women around. Like Chris croons, “It’s all right, I’m not dangerous.”


The gals of Team Breezy are evidently OK with physical abuse as long as it’s accompanied by a catchy soundtrack, and they’re falling all over themselves to sing Brown’s praises:

OMG Chris Browwwwn dans cette chanson.. Wonderful @chrisbrown ♥♥ #FineChina #TeamBreezy…

— Ju ♡ (@Juuuulie_B) April 1, 2013

@chrisbrown #FineChina is so perfect. I seriously can’t wait to meet you Chris! I love the way you are. Don’t ever change. (:

— F I N EC H I N A. (@Breezysbadgal_) April 1, 2013

Love Fine China! @chrisbrown never disappoints! Love it! #FineChina #TeamBreezy

— Lisa Redmond (@LisaRedmond12) April 1, 2013

Yesssss @chrisbrown just gave me life!!! #FineChina Been in love with him since Day 1!!! #TeamBreezy He’s backkkkk

— Dee En Em (@ItsAParDEE_85) April 1, 2013

You’re irreplaceable ,Un collectable, Just like fine china.. #FineChina #OnReplay @chrisbrown LOVE IT. #teambreezy…

— X (@damozeler) April 1, 2013

Just watched @chrisbrown new video Fine China! #sosexy he is an amazing dancer! #wow @morgshegge

— Ashley Hegge (@ashhegge) April 1, 2013

Oh yes, so sexy. You should see the way his biceps ripple when he throws a right hook at a girl who gets out of line!

I’m in love with Fine China from the beg to end, Lil Michael @chrisbrown did the damn thing #FineChina #Chrisbrown My new fav. ChrisB song

— MARSHAY (@MarshayH) April 1, 2013

@chrisbrown reply me. The Brazil loves you! Congratulations single #FineChina, success boy ! I love u so much. #TeamBreezy #TributoMJ #RT

— Larissa. (@larissamirella_) April 1, 2013

Omg, you’re so damn perfect, I can’t 😍😍😍😍 “@chrisbrown:… here it is! #FineChina #onetake

— Kourtney. (@kourtttanderson) April 1, 2013

“@cincinlouwho: I love you. “@chrisbrown:… here it is! #FineChina #onetake“” this is why I love him: his talent is <3

— ♡ Made In China  (@Breezy_Twihard) April 1, 2013

Fine China x @chrisbrown is one of the songs i have actually bought on itunes. I would only waste my money on my baby Chris. #TeamBreezy

— Quan . (@Viva_Asap) April 1, 2013

Just when I didn’t think @chrisbrown could get any more perfect he releases #FineChina … He did it again, as always!😍😘

— Amanda Allen (@Mallenx0) April 1, 2013

I wanna be the girl in #FineChina cus Chrislips seem so tasteful

— KaeBreezy:-) (@TellSomebodyCB) April 1, 2013


I coulda been the fine china in this video… just sayin haha RT @chrisbrown: #TeamBreezy #FineChina…

— Lisa Le (@lisale24) April 1, 2013

She’s lucky she wasn’t.



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