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#ImWithMitt: Conservatives explain why they support Mitt Romney


With the presidential election now less than six weeks away, it’s more important than ever for Mitt Romney to show Americans why he deserves to be the next President of the United States. Romney still seems to be struggling somewhat with selling himself, but he’s got plenty of supporters willing to pitch in. Conservatives eagerly stepped up to share their reasons for supporting Mitt Romney for president:

#ImWithMitt because when I want to solve a problem, I don't call a community organizer.

— JW Paine (@PirateBallerina) September 26, 2012

#imwithmitt because I refuse to accept 8%+ unemployment, declining incomes, anemic growth, and out-of-control debt as the new normal.

— Ken Gardner (@kesgardner) September 26, 2012

#ImWithMitt because free stuff is too expensive.

— The Morning Spew (@TheMorningSpew) September 26, 2012

@LilMissRightie #ImWithMitt because I believe in the right to rise, not the right to a government handout

— RDPinRVA (@UVApolitics87) September 26, 2012

#ImWithMitt because America is better than the last four years. Washington is broken. Romney is a turnaround artist. It's what we need.

— RB (@RBPundit) September 26, 2012

#ImWithMitt because we don't need a pop culture icon for a president: we need a LEADER.

— Katie Johnson (@kjon) September 26, 2012

#ImWithMitt because I flat-out don't trust Obama to keep America safe.

— Donna Lynn (@ProudlyWeHail) September 26, 2012

Lefties and Obama sycophants (but we repeat ourselves) attempted a hashtag hijacking, being sure to remind us all that Mitt Romney is rich, hates women, and looks down on minorities:


#ImWithMitt because I Think Billionaires Need More Money and Working People Have Too Much of it. #p2

— TheNewDeal (@TheNewDeal) September 26, 2012

#ImWithMitt because I wasn't around in 1929 and would love to see what the conditions were like.

— Republican Problems. (@RepublicanProbl) September 26, 2012

TOP TWEET IN ALABAMA: " #ImWithMitt because all the Founders were white."

— Top Conservative Cat (@TeaPartyCat) September 26, 2012

#ImWithMitt is like saying #ImWithStupid

— JustABrick (@JustABrick) September 26, 2012

#ImWithMitt because I'm a stupid woman who can't be trusted to make decisions about my body. #ImWithObama

— Miss Tattoo (@CurvesnTattoos) September 26, 2012


#ImWithMitt Because I hate poor people too. Who are they trying to be NORMAL? And go to COLLEGE?

— Meme Lord 420 (@ZhouChauster) September 26, 2012



#ImWithMitt because I want someone who represents ME: a rich, angry, homophobic, woman-hating racist. Is that too much to ask?

— Anna Noelle (@hipsterblitz) September 26, 2012

Oh, and psssssst! He’s also a Mormon!

#ImWithMitt because I would like to be in the first space flight to the planet Kolob.

— Steve Karol (@SteveKarol) September 26, 2012

#ImWithMitt because he has nice hair & magic underwear.

— Dykstra Dame (@DykstraDame) September 26, 2012

#ImWithMitt To try a larger size of Magic Mormon Underwear because he walks like they're causing testicular torsion.

— AC (@Abhinary) September 26, 2012

#ImWithMitt because vaginas are out of control, gays are going to hell and I believe in magic underwear.

— Alec Mapa (@AlecMapa) September 26, 2012

How charming and creative! But really, they should know by now. Leave the political hashtags to the professionals.

#ImWithMitt now more than ever after seeing the pure ignorance of the Obots tweeting on this hashtag.

— RB (@RBPundit) September 26, 2012

No kidding. The Obamabots response would be laughable if it weren’t so desperate and pathetic. In the face of liberal stupidity, conservatives dug in their heels and doubled down on their Romney appreciation:

#ImWithMitt because I miss the free and prosperous America I grew up in and want it back

— M Helm (@1Bunny4T) September 26, 2012

#ImWithMitt because he won't make you apologize for success.

— Believe IN America (@We_Decide2012) September 26, 2012

#ImWithMitt because I don't believe I am entitled to free health care, free housing, free food… free money

— Casie Williams (@Casie_Jane) September 26, 2012

#ImWithMitt because fixing the economy is more important than booking talk shows

— Insert Next Crisis (@AndrewDeikel) September 26, 2012

#ImWithMitt because Obama has had 4 years to show us what he can do. And he didn't do shit.

— Kassi Kellogg (@kassikellogg) September 26, 2012

#ImWithMitt because I think Bibi Netanyahu is more important than Dave Letterman.

— Leah (@oooitsleah) September 26, 2012

#ImWithMitt because Obama will turn the US into GREECE.

— RightWorld (@foxxumekk) September 26, 2012

#ImWithMitt because he doesn't apologize for America

— David Molesevich (@dmolesevich) September 26, 2012

#imwithmitt because candidate Obama isn't up to the job

— John Smith (@atempdog) September 26, 2012

#imwithmitt Because I want cap and trade dead and buried.

— Norma Connors (@NormaConnors) September 26, 2012

#ImWithMitt because I find it hard to vote for someone who has had 4 years to fix the US, and has only made it worse. #myopinion #merica

— Austin Miller (@AMILLERx29) September 26, 2012

#ImWithMitt because I'm a Capitalist. Capitalism has brought more prosperity and progress than any other system in the world. #ProvenSuccess

— BossyBee (@NoKoolAide) September 26, 2012

#ImWithMitt because, "The bigger the government, the smaller the citizen." –@DennisPrager

— Adam Johnson (@whads) September 26, 2012


So, Twitchy readers, why are you with Mitt?

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