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‘Inspiring’: Read the amazing story behind this #FathersDay photo


The U.S. Department of Interior shared this incredible Instagram photo and story that highlights a father’s love for his son. The setting: Arches National Park. It’s a gorgeous, but grueling hike. But the natural beauty and strength of the scenery are no match for the beauty and strength of the relationship between father and son.

God bless the Geier family:

We want to share this amazing story of James and Jonah Geier (as told by James’ daughter Laura Geier). Celebrating Dads like James is what Father’s Day is all about. “Perseverance. Shared by both the Arch in withstanding time and change, and the resolve of a father to hike his disabled son to the Arch to experience the incredible symbol of natural beauty and strength. Retired Law Enforcement Officer James Geier hiked his eighteen year old son Jonah Geier three miles, and 480 feet over slickrock trails, and up red rock steps to share with Jonah a worldwide symbol of strength and endurance. Neither Geier nor Arch is deterred by challenges.”

Our best wishes to all dads, granddads, and dads-to-be today!

Read more: http://twitchy.com/2014/06/15/inspiring-read-the-amazing-story-behind-this-fathersday-photo/

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