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‘Invisible Obama’ account suspended from Twitter, quickly reappears


This morning disappointed Twitter users discovered that the @InvisibleObama account had been suspended. The Twitter handle popped up last night, inspired by Clint Eastwood’s conversation with an empty chair at the GOP convention.

Looks like @InvisibleObama is suspended 🙁 pic.twitter.com/znhuwnKj

— Ethan Klapper (@ethanklapper) August 31, 2012

.@invisibleobama account already suspended? Say it ain't so! Nearly 40k followers last I checked.

— Dominique (@ThisIsMissD) August 31, 2012

But the popular parody account wasn’t gone for long.

I'm back. Sorry about that. @Twitter took the invisible thing a little too literally. Now where were we…

— Invisible Obama (@InvisibleObama) August 31, 2012

Welcome back @invisibleobama. Would love to know what the was on why T suspended you.

— CharlieL (@CharlieLevenson) August 31, 2012

What caused the suspension?

@invisibleObama got suspended?!?!? Was the account impersonating some other chair?

— Adam Cooper Wood (@ac00perw) August 31, 2012


Read more: http://twitchy.com/2012/08/31/invisible-obama-account-suspended-from-twitter-quickly-reappears/

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