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Is Jay-Z threatening to drop Rihanna from his label?


It’s no secret that Rihanna enjoys a pretty wild night. It’s also not much of a secret that Jay-Z takes his business very, very seriously. Put those two things together, and it’s not hard to wonder why this rumor is currently running rampant:

Jay-Z to Rihanna: Go to Rehab or You're Dropped http://t.co/Oerfs7eY

— The Fix (@_TheFix) June 13, 2012

Ri- Hab: Jay-Z and Friends Urge Rihanna to Go to Rehab http://t.co/0ZoVmmj7

— DallasBlack.com (@DallasBlackcom) June 13, 2012

Jay-Z has warned his protege Rihanna that she needs to go to rehab ASAP or he'll drop her from his Roc Nation record label

— Laser 101 (@Laser101) June 13, 2012

The story in question states that Jay-Z is finally fed up, and wants the pop singer to settle down and get her act together. You might remember back in May when she missed a flight and let it slip that she had decided to go out partying instead.

The girl makes loads of money, for both herself and Jay, no one can dispute that, but Jay-Z has always been close with Rihanna. This might be his tough-love stance to get her to change his ways (besides, it’s not like Jay is financially desperate).

Reactions have been varied, and support seems split between the celebs:

Jay-Z is threatning @Rihanna drop her from his record label? Ooh gurl! Maybe it's time you cleaned up your act. Go back to your GG bad days.

— ALEXPOP (@GAGAPOPFatale) June 13, 2012

Jay Z threatening to drop Rihanna if she doesn't go to rehab? Lmfaooooooo shut upppp.

— Rica Rivera (@ricalachica) June 13, 2012

#WendyWilliams Jay-Z aint gonna drop Rihanna he know she makes cash and he want it

— YS (@ysilas) June 13, 2012

Damn Jay-z tryna drop @rihanna if she dique doesn't go to rehab?! Thas BitchAssNess

— Ibee Knowing (@PesoStayFLY) June 13, 2012

I heard Jay Z making Rihanna go to rehab or they dropping her from the label . I didn't wanna believe she was doin more than weed . Smh

— BAM. (@BamelaJones) June 13, 2012


What a double standard. I say live life RT @eleven8: At The Request Of Jay Z Rihanna's Checking Into Rehab….Or Else!: http://t.co/MPj1Fh9q

— Tasha. (@i_Tash) June 13, 2012

Question is, if they try to make her go to rehab, will she say no, no no?

Read more: http://twitchy.com/2012/06/13/pon-de-rumor-is-jay-z-threatening-to-drop-rihanna-from-his-label-if-she-refuses-to-go-to-rehab/

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