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‘It’s a disaster’: Nevada caucus site ‘in chaos’

The Nevada caucuses are just getting started, and Emily Cahn, politics reporter for Mashable, is describing her initial impressions of the proceedings as “chaos.” All day long we’ve been hearing about how low voter turnout is traditionally in Nevada, but you wouldn’t know it from the lines. From the shortage of ballots? Yep.

Glenn Beck was indeed on hand, greeting voters in line.

In Sparks, where Donald Trump held a rally earlier, the line was insanely long as well.

Meanwhile, back inSummerlin

Here’s the scene as described by a Marco Rubio source at Bonanza High School.

Read more: http://twitchy.com/2016/02/23/its-a-disaster-reporter-describes-nevada-caucus-site-as-chaos/

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