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It’s tax season, so you know what that means? ‘Free money,’ natch


Tax season is here, so turn on the federal spigot and let the “free money” flow! Many Twitter users are rejoicing that their federal tax refunds include “free money” from the IRS.

just got my tax returns. I love free money

— Sebastian valverde (@Sebastianemilio) February 28, 2013

During the 2012 presidential campaign, Mitt Romney shocked the nation by heartlessly noting that nearly 47 percent of Americans pay no federal income tax. Thanks to refundable credits like the Earned Income Tax Credit, 30 percent of workers reduced their tax liability to below zero in 2011, resulting in a payment from the IRS.

Or, as some Twitter users call it, “free money.”

ive never filed taxes . mannnnn i wish i could get some free money . imma have to file my taxes to see what the hype is about lol

— iHustle(@viciousindian) March 4, 2013

Billions of dollars of that “free money” is in erroneous payments to both legal workers and illegal aliens. The IRS sent out an estimated $15.2 billion in “improper” EITC payments in 2011. Reminder: Cuts associated with Sequesterpocalygeddon total $85 billion. That $15.2 billion would go a long way toward ending the catastrophic zombie uprising that’s bringing our nation to its knees.

But let’s hear it for “free money”!

really need to do mha taxes thou … need that free cash

— ambitious™ (@_QueenMiyna) February 26, 2013

Not getting as much money from taxes as I hoped for, but free money is free money.

— Mark Daniels (@AlbinoSnowman28) February 25, 2013

Filling my taxes toma fuck it free money

— #TbcShit (@MoneyDance_BD) March 5, 2013

my weak ass tax return came in finally ayyyye free money tho

— March 23 (@NinoSazzy) February 28, 2013

I really need to finish my taxes. Just free money waiting to be deposited into my acct lol

— TayloЯ Leigh (@simpleetay) February 28, 2013

Ain NOTHING wrong w/ getting taxes. Shit, that’s FUCKING FREE MONEY! Tf?

— Imanii’s BIGDADDY♥ (@thickBOOTY_) February 26, 2013

man ion even got my taxes yet im not to press even doe its free money

— Ash MuLa™ (@_Royster_) February 24, 2013

Taxes done now I just gotta wait for the refund check to get here #freemoney

— Greg Kozel (@gregkozel) February 23, 2013

Gettin 600 bucks back in taxes. Yay. Should be a whole lot more but oh well. Free money.

— Rolls Royce(@rooyyccee) February 18, 2013

Im not trynna spend kno more money till my free money come my taxes but im not rushing it

— tanequa (@tanequa3) February 17, 2013

Get to claim my tax back #freemoney

— andrew steed (@steed_andrew) February 23, 2013

So happy I got my taxes done ain’t nun like free money $$$$$$

— Darius Lloyd(@BeenInTheGameOG) February 22, 2013

At H&R Block first time filling taxes ill take any free money

— Nick (@mrmcoates1) February 22, 2013

got my tax returns 💰💰 love free money

— Adam Bogdan (@adambogzz) February 21, 2013

I got my first tax refund!!!! $60 may not be much but hey it’s free money!

— ❤Ink Lover❤ (@Desteezy) February 21, 2013

Why all these chern talkin bad bout income tax, bitch thats free money stupid ass

— domonique. (@Jollaaa_) February 21, 2013

Tax returns = free money

— Yo Adrienne (@AdriennnexO) February 21, 2013

Filed for my taxes over the weekend, its about time I get some FREE money coming into my pocket 😉

— DREAM_Chaser (@Lilliee_esLocaa) February 20, 2013

I guess i can now find out what free money is about, just filed my taxes for the first time

— Quel Ragazzo (@TheLastLusco) February 20, 2013

Should probably file my taxes.. #freemoney

— Breandan Aslin (@Breandan10) February 20, 2013

Of course, not all of the people celebrating that sweet, sweet free money are necessarily claiming refundable tax credits.

Pro tip: a federal tax refund is NOT FREE MONEY. It just means you paid the gov’t more than you should have for a year, dumbass.

— GirlwithMoxie (@GirlwithMoxie) February 20, 2013

As some Twitter users note, when a taxpayer receives a big refund, that money has been on loan to the federal government. And it’s not the taxpayer getting the sweet deal.

I wish more people understood that a tax return isn’t free money. It is an interest free loan the government took from you. #FactsMatter

— Dagny Taggart (@Indepgirlism) February 28, 2013

you folks getting a big tax refund, why do you let the govt use your money interest-free all year?

— neonne (@neonne) February 18, 2013

It’s not a gift people. A tax refund is a repayment of a yearlong, interest-free loan to the government. Not something to get excited about.

— Matt McWilliams (@MattMcWilliams2) February 28, 2013

My tax refund this year was obscenely large. Guess I should adjust my shit so I’m not giving the government such a huge free loan eh?

— Aubrey Norris (@Chupacaubrey) February 21, 2013


But that didn’t stop many from celebrating hefty tax refunds.

Getting a way bigger tax refund than I thought>>> #woo #pumped

— Cristin Curtis (@cristinbrianne) February 19, 2013

Tax refund! Extra grand is fucking awesome! Put right into savings for the mean time cause Im not tryna spend that shit! 💰💵💰💵

— Jeff Saliba (@jeffsaliba) February 22, 2013

Helloooo awesome tax refund #moneyinthebank 👍💰

— Ashley Sutton (@AshleySutton20) February 22, 2013

Nothing feels as awesome as getting way more back on you tax refund than you expected

— Danielle Smith (@danielleuhbelle) February 18, 2013

My tax refund was fucking awesome this year. I’m so stoked to buy a new amp for myself B)


Glad to get a nice, big fat tax REFUND check this year! #ThanksGovernment that check will probably pay for gas for my truck for a week.

— James Blackburn (@jblackburn43) February 22, 2013

Thank whichever entity that is responsible for the circumstances of my life for this unexpected big tax refund. #needfurniturefornewplace

— Glenn Robert (@glenn_robert_p) February 22, 2013

Hell yes! A bigger tax refund, I’ll take it.

— alan (@alanzzw_30) February 22, 2013

To me my tax refund is just a big ass bonus check !

— SlimFoLife . (@toolovelyxo) February 19, 2013

I cried today when I found out how big my tax refund is… I don’t think could be any happier right now

— Holly Fisher (@hollyfishhh) February 19, 2013

So excited about my big ass tax refund this year!What to do with all the money?!

— Stephanie (@whatstephasaid) February 18, 2013

As always, math is hard.

Editor’s note: One Twitter user dropped by the comments to let us know she was joking about “free money.” We have removed her tweet.

Read more: http://twitchy.com/2013/03/05/its-tax-season-so-you-know-what-that-means-free-money-from-the-government/

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