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James O’Keefe calls out Mother Jones over secret taping hypocrisy

When news broke that Mother Jones magazine had obtained a secret recording of a meeting of Sen. Mitch McConnell’s re-election campaign, plenty were left wondering how the media would cover the story, if at all. Was this an example of “good” spying, like the heroic taping of Mitt Romney’s fundraiser, or “bad” spying, like that perpetrated by Linda Tripp or James O’Keefe?

Secret Tape: McConnell and Aides Weighed Using Judd's Mental Health and Religious Views as Political Ammo http://t.co/TEcZnjQ5qN

— David Corn (@DavidCornDC) April 9, 2013

Remember the outrage when Linda Tripp recorded conversations w/Monica Lewinsky? I guess @MotherJones doesn't, either.

— JustAnotherSnakeCult (@raindogtweets) April 9, 2013

All I heard growing up was how bad it was that Linda Tripp recorded a convo. Now totally OK with McConnell, apparently.

— Dana Loesch (@DLoesch) April 9, 2013

Is the same media giddy about the McConnell recordings the same media that trried to destroy Linda Tripp? Just checking.

— John Nolte (@NolteNC) April 9, 2013

Mother Jones either published audio which was illegally recorded or endorsed @JamesOKeefeIII's style of journalism

— Stephen Gutowski (@StephenGutowski) April 10, 2013

@AceofSpadesHQ wonder what Linda Tripp and James O'Keefe think of todays news.

— Michael Harlow (@TheHarlowReport) April 9, 2013

Well, now we know exactly what James O’Keefe thinks about today’s news.

Now the Q: Did @MotherJones use false pretenses to gain entrance to Senator. Fed Standard is a small fib..I said I was 'waiting for someone'

— James O'Keefe (@JamesOKeefeIII) April 9, 2013

.@DavidCornDC Did your source use false pretenses to gain access to the Senator? You owe me an answer to that question. @Collegepolitico

— James O'Keefe (@JamesOKeefeIII) April 10, 2013

With the FBI reportedly investigating, we’ll understand if Mother Jones Washington bureau chief David Corn doesn’t address O’Keefe’s questions immediately. Besides, he’s been busy talking up the recording all day. As far as he’s concerned, McConnell is the one who should be answering the questions.

"But the McConnell gang explored going far beyond Judd's politics…This included her mental health." http://t.co/KUjyrFFKTJ

— Mother Jones (@MotherJones) April 10, 2013

Corn on MSNBC: I'm Still Waiting for McConnell to Respond to the Substance of the Story http://t.co/ZpDG6VrKXA

— Mother Jones (@MotherJones) April 10, 2013

O’Keefe has other concerns as well.

Going to be a serious constitutional crisis when a 'credentialed' journo has his travel restricted on privacy/consent issues. Wait for it.

— James O'Keefe (@JamesOKeefeIII) April 10, 2013


James O’Keefe slams Mother Jones editor: ‘We release raw tape from the moment we walk in’

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